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Homily for twenty-second Sunday C

26.08.2016 in Sermons

As a little boy, I heard my father advised my elder sister to be mindful of those who want to be her friends immediately she arrives in a new place. He said those early friendship seekers, in most cases, only want to get what they...

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Homily for nineteenth Sunday C

05.08.2016 in Sermons

In our Christian journey, there is a need to constantly look back, to look back not like the one who puts his hand on the plow to look back in fear and uncertainty (Lk. 9:62), but to look back in faith to remind himself of...

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Homily for Seventeenth Sunday C

22.07.2016 in Sermons

A week ago, we read how God's angels visited Abraham; in continuation of that same passage from the scripture, we see the same angels left Abraham's house and made their way towards Sodom. Sodom and Gomorrah was a land demonized by the spirit of immorality, the...

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Homily for thirteenth Sunday year C

24.06.2016 in Sermons

This morning we read about prophet Elisha's call, the son of Shabbat of Abel Meholah, to take over from the prophet Elijah; the call was dramatic. The prophet Elijah was sent to anoint Elisha as his successor, but he went to him and threw his...

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Homily for twelfth Sunday year C

17.06.2016 in Sermons

We take our first reading from the Prophet Zechariah's book, a book that is not very popular amongst many Christians like those of prophet Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. The text of the prophet Zechariah is divided into two; the first part has to do with...

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Homily for eleventh Sunday year C

10.06.2016 in Sermons

After God's own heart, King David was a king; he loved him and blessed him beyond imagination. Even from childhood, God marked him for greatness by granting him victory over Goliath, the giant who fought on the Philistines' side against the Israelites. God delivered David...

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Homily for tenth Sunday year C

03.06.2016 in Sermons

In our readings today, God shows himself as the God who restores all things, even life. The first reading is about the prophet Elijah and the widow of Zarephath; it was the drought as pronounced by the same prophet. To protect and provide for the...

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Homily for Trinity Sunday C

20.05.2016 in Sermons

Today we celebrate the Holy Trinity's solemnity, the mystery of the three persons in one Godhead. This is a mystery; we cannot fully understand it just as written in Isaiah 55:8-9, for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says...

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Homily for Pentecost Sunday C

13.05.2016 in Sermons

Today we celebrate Pentecost Sunday, the day we commemorate the Holy Spirit's descent upon the apostles in a unique way. I said especially because the Holy Spirit did not begin to exist on that day. Before Pentecost, the Holy Spirit existed; in fact, he was...

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Homily for Seventh Sunday of Easter C

06.05.2016 in Sermons

A few days ago, we celebrated the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven, and in a week, we shall be celebrating Pentecost Sunday, the descent of the Holy Spirit. In-between the ascension and Pentecost Sunday is what one Rev. Fr. Michael Woolley rightfully described as...

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Homily for Sixth Sunday of Easter C

29.04.2016 in Sermons

  I am very interested in our first reading this morning because it reflects reality today. It reminds us of the challenge to rise in defense of the faith of our fathers as the apostles did. The early Church's experience is repeating itself today; people are...

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Homily for fifth Sunday of Easter C

22.04.2016 in Sermons

    Today in our world, many show a lack of interest in the meaning of the names they bear; people nickname themselves and answer all sorts of names. I believe that there is power in names; God himself had to change some people’s names to bless...

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Homily for Fourth Sunday of Easter C

15.04.2016 in Sermons

Today is the fourth Sunday of Easter, good shepherd Sunday, and a day set aside by the Church to especially pray for vocation to the priesthood and the religious life; hence the name vocation Sunday. Jesus said he is the good shepherd, a shepherd who knows...

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Homily for third Sunday of Easter C

08.04.2016 in Sermons

We are still celebrating Easter; we still glory in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus means more than just rising from the dead to a believer; it is our restoration. Unless we learn to see the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ...

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Homily for second Sunday of Easter C

01.04.2016 in Sermons

Today we celebrate the second Sunday of Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday; we continue to glory in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, the Church is blessed with power and authority even at the infantry stage, as...

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Homily for fifth Sunday of Lent C

11.03.2016 in Sermons

We are almost at the heart of the Lenten season, the Passion Week, a week that reminds us of the pains it took Jesus to construct the road upon which the father wants us to travel. In our first reading this morning, he reminds us...


Homily for fourth Sunday of Lent C

04.03.2016 in Sermons

The Lord said to Joshua, 'Today I have taken the shame of Egypt away from you. That shame of Egypt could be seen as whatever the Egyptians had turned the Israelites into. The Egyptians turned them into slaves, laughing stock, beggars, homeless, and people of...


Homily for third Sunday of Lent C

26.02.2016 in Sermons

Rev. Sr. Briege McKenna, in one of her talks, shared an experience she had somewhere in India, in a particular temple. She said she entered the temple, and there was very loud drumming. The reason for the loud drumming made her smile; she was told...

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Homily for second Sunday of Lent C

19.02.2016 in Sermons

Our gospel reading today reminds me of Martin Luther King Jr., an American Baptist minister, activist and the leader of the African-American Civil Right movement. Martin Luther King Jr.  watched his people been humiliated and treated as second class human beings by the white Americans,...


Homily for fifth Sunday C

05.02.2016 in Sermons

Our readings this morning are very encouraging and reassuring of God's mercy; we are encouraged today never to let our smallness, our weaknesses separate us from God but to challenge us to go close to God for strength.  The strength to move on in life...

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Homily for fourth Sunday C

29.01.2016 in Sermons

In my homily a week ago, I preached against the abuse of God's gifts. I stressed how some Catholics are letting the blessings of God meant for the good and unity of the Church divide them; they pull out of the Church in competition with the...


Homily for third Sunday C

22.01.2016 in Sermons

In our first reading this morning, Ezra, the priest, brought the book of the Law, the scripture, and read it to the people from morning till noon. The people listened to the word of God as Ezra read and explained it to them, and in...

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Homily for Christmas vigil

22.12.2015 in Sermons

Brethren, we gathered here tonight to celebrate Christmas vigil. The whole world keeps vigil tonight in anticipation, waiting in hope for the birth of Jesus Christ. We gather this holy night to pray that Christ be born again in our world, in our lives, and...


Homily for third Sunday of advent C

11.12.2015 in Sermons

We are gradually approaching the end of the advent season. Next Sunday will be the last Sunday before the  Christmas season begins. As we approach Christmas, we are reminded today of the need to be happy. Christmas is God's gift of happiness, the gift of...

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Solemnity of all Saints(31’st Sunday B)

30.10.2015 in Sermons

Today, our liturgy begins with the antiphon; Let us all rejoice in the Lord and keep a festival in honour of all the saints. Let us join with the angels in joyful praise to the Son of God. Today we celebrate all the saints in...

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Pope’s homily at the closing Mass of the synod 2015

25.10.2015 in Sermons

The three Readings for this Sunday show us God’s compassion, his fatherhood, definitively revealed in Jesus. In the midst of a national disaster, the people deported by their enemies, the prophet Jeremiah proclaims that “the Lord has saved his people, the remnant of Israel” (31:7). ...

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Homily for twentieth Sunday B

14.08.2015 in Sermons

For the past few Sundays, our gospel readings reflect the Eucharistic celebration, the body, and blood of Jesus Christ. Today, it is also about the body and blood of Jesus Christ, and next Sunday, it continues. The liturgical arrangement of the gospel passages we have...

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Homily for Nineteenth Sunday B

07.08.2015 in Sermons

The prophet Elijah was a powerful man of God, a powerful instrument of war in the hands of God. He challenged powers and authorities, brought them to their knees with God's help, and described how powerful God is; we call him the God of Elijah,...

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Homily for Twelfth Sunday B

19.06.2015 in Sermons

In the year 2006, I was privileged to be among those that visited Jerusalem, and we had a boat ride across the sea of Galilee. It was an exciting moment for me, and I said to myself, so, this is the sea! It was beautiful...

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Homily for Pentecost Sunday A B C

22.05.2015 in Sermons

Today we celebrate Pentecost Sunday, a day we commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles in a unique way. I call it special for the simple reason that the Holy Spirit did not begin to exist on Pentecost day. Before Pentecost, the...

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Homily for second Sunday of Easter B

11.04.2015 in Sermons

After the resurrection of Jesus Christ and before the apostles were convinced of his resurrection, they locked themselves up in a room. They were afraid of the Jews; they were afraid that they might be the next target. But Devin Mercy refused to let...


Homily for Easter vigil B

04.04.2015 in Sermons

Tonight, the darkened Church is brightened by the light of the risen Christ; the holy mother Church rejoices because the glory of the Lord shines upon her. "This is the night when Jesus Christ broke the chains of death and rose triumphant from the grave."...

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Homily for good Friday B

03.04.2015 in Sermons

In my sermon on Palm Sunday, I said that the passion of Jesus Christ would make more sense when we give it a "human face" rather than a utopic view. The passion of Jesus Christ is all about the extent he had to go to...

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Homily for holy Thursday A, B and C

02.04.2015 in Sermons

Today we celebrate the institution of the Holy Eucharist and the Priesthood by Jesus Christ. Jesus himself is the high Priest of our faith, and he himself is the gift been offered on the altar. He offered his body as food to be eaten and...

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Homily for Palm Sunday A,B AND C

28.03.2015 in Sermons

Today we celebrate Passion Sunday or Palm Sunday; it is the Sunday that marks the holy week's beginning. The holy week reminds us of the last events of Jesus Christ on earth as man, a week we were bought and paid for by Christ Jesus....


Homily for ash Wednesday B

18.02.2015 in Sermons

We begin another season of Lent; a season set aside by the Church to mostly listen to what I call the 'second chance' call of God. We may have witnessed so many seasons of Lent, we may have had our foreheads marked with ashes so...


Homily for the baptism of the Lord

11.01.2015 in Sermons

Today we celebrate the baptism of the Lord, and today's celebration marks the end of the Christmas season. Tomorrow we begin the ordinary season of the year. Baptism is a sacrament that washes away original sin and makes us children of God. It is a sacrament...

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Christmas Homily: Mass at dawn

01.01.2015 in Sermons

Happy Christmas to you all! It is another Christmas, Alleluia! The Lord brings us to this season once again and to the end of the year, to him be glory and praise. At Christmas, we commemorate our Lord Jesus Christ; it is a feast that reminds...

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