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The wonders of God in nature

25 Jan 2015, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Events

Have you ever tried to see the hands of God at work in nature? Have you seen his beauty displayed in nature? Its wonderful!
My Nigerian Augustinian brother priest working and schooling in Chicago, U.S.A.; Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Thliza O.S.A, has this to say about the wonders of God in weather.

              SNOW   (c)


I have read and seen on TV the different seasons of  far a way lands; what I never understood is living within that context. I was born and grew up in Northern part of Nigeria, knowing the light of the sun and its warmth, we know when the rains begins and when its season ends. We could even tell which cloud rising in the East or West could bring rains to  my location. What I never knew until I left the Northern part of Nigeria to the South was that, there were places where the season of rain lasted more than Six Months. In the North, rain could stop you from carrying out your daily activities, but I observed that the case is different in the South. Except it causes a major disruption, life goes on. Imagine the different intensity of  the heat of the same sun on different parts of the same earth.
Experiencing a freezing weather, probably for the first time, Fr. Emmanuel says; it makes me want to jump to some unreflective conclusions with the exclamation, wow! cant you see? just as we experience this reality that is one and the same in different degree and intensity, so must you pull your shoes when you enter the realm of the sacred to reflect on how the same God relates with the individual at different levels; depending on where you stand in your relationship with him.