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The social media and our Catholic faith

04 Jun 2018, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Doctrines

Every year, the Catholic Church dedicates a Sunday for the celebration of the gift of communication; Communication Sunday. The power of communication cannot be overemphasized, especially in today’s world that has recorded tremendous growth in communication technology. Social media has made the world so small and so close that we can now almost listen to each other’s heartbeats from different parts of the world. It brings all kinds of information, not just to our living rooms but to our lives and hearts. It is like the fishing net that pulls out the good, the bad, and the ugly from the water. And as the fisherman knows what he wants, we must know that It is not technology that determines whether or not communication is authentic, but rather the human heart and our capacity to use wisely the means at our disposal.

I’ve heard complaints repeatedly about the danger and the misleading information available on social media, but it is good to know that complaints alone cannot redirect social media. It is certainly very true that many of the information that hits the airwaves and makes our phones and IPads ring and vibrate every second calling for our attention are evil and misleading; they are calculated information to miss-lead politically, socially, psychologically, and more dangerously spiritually. This is, however, not an attempt to disregard the good side of social media, but to draw our attention to the fact that social media cannot manipulate its self, it is manipulated by humans, and whatever you get there was put there by humans. If there are too many bad stuff going around the social medial, the bad guys are using social media far more than the good guys. Or, maybe the good guys sit complaining about the bad stuff carried around by the social media without any move or an attempt from their side to counteract social media’s negativity with their contributions.

The Catholic faith is so beautiful and rich, yet misunderstood by many. Those who misunderstand the faith sometimes inject their ignorance and misconception of the Church into social media, which becomes a piece of information available to social media users worldwide. This is a big challenge to every Catholic on the social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and even Bloggers to wake up and become online evangelists and defenders of our faith. Rise above just being a consumer on these platforms and learn to use the media to proclaim your faith to show Catholicism’s beauty without fear or shame. Write or re-post articles about the Catholic faith from Catholic websites and blogs, spread the news. Imagine what social media would look like if every Catholic on these social platforms realizes how much lives and souls they could touch by a simple inspirational post about their faith and do it daily, weekly, or as much as time permits them. We can together take over the internet and overpower the negativity of social media with our positivity. Do not wait for your friend; you can begin your post today.

I appreciate O’Maria Media and many others who have taken advantage of social media to share their Catholic faith with the world fearlessly; we are Catholics, and we are proud of our faith.

  • francis Okaformbah Reply

    good points Padre. social media itself aint bad. its d ppl using it and sharing evil that are bad. I’ll do my path by sharing this good piece.