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Non-Catholics and the holy rosary

30 Jul 2018, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Mater Dei

Has any traditional Catholic made heaven? This question may sound so crazy or even childish, especially when it’s coming from a Catholic priest. But I had to think aloud in response to the antagonistic tendencies of some Christians who spend so much of their time criticizing every Catholic doctrine.

There was an argument on the Facebook page of a Catholic who proudly shared his faith in the powerful intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary through the holy rosary. Some none Catholics saw the post as unchristian and even satanic. The holy rosary for them is a symbol of idolatry, a rejection of Christ Jesus as the only way, the truth, and the life. I had to ask, are there no people in heaven who were devoted Catholics and prayed the rosary while on earth? If at least some devoted Catholics have made heaven, then the holy rosary is not anti-Christ. What is actually anti-Christ is the hate and antagonism against the Church; that can stop one from making heaven and not the holy rosary. The Catholic Church’s haters can sometimes become so antagonistic that they forget that the apex of Christianity is faith and love (1 Cor. 13:3). They argue so much about doctrines, forgetting that Christianity is not about argument; our relationship with God is not about philosophy; it is about faith.

I am not ashamed or afraid to identify with the Blessed Virgin Mary; I proudly call her my mother, an amazing woman blest beyond compare. She is the pride of the Catholic Church and the Mother of our redeemer, Christ Jesus, the only way to the Father. I believe with all my heart that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life; I also believe that my calling on Mary to intercede for me does not in any way deny that fact. Calling on the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede for us is actually proof that Jesus is the only way to the Father because, Jesus Christ her Son before whom she goes to ask for divine mercy on our behalf, is greater than she is, if not she would have granted our request herself without going to anybody.

I know the next question would be; why don’t you go to Jesus direct? We surely do, and Just as your pastor and all those who pray for you go to Jesus on your behalf, so also Mary does; only that she has been raised and blest beyond every human being and approaches Jesus as a Mother and her God. Her intercessions are so blest and favoured, and we are proud we got her as a Mother. We can’t drop the rosary; it is a powerful weapon the devil does not want you to know.

I want you to know that hate and antagonism are not part of Christianity, and the Catholic Church is not in competition with any other group. We are Catholics, and we are very proud of the faith of our fathers.

  • David Aronokhale Reply

    Thank you very much Fr