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The Mystery of the Church

26 Mar 2016, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Doctrines

The Church is very human yet a great mystery; it is far more than ordinary eyes. One needs to activate the eyes of faith to see the Church’s visible nature and her invisible reality. The Church is both visible and spiritual, and that makes the Church a mystery.The Church as mystery

The only mediator between man and God established his holy Church, a visible organization here on earth. He sustained this Church by his power and promised that the gates of hell would never prevail against it ( Mt. 16:18). The Church is God’s people, the assembly of God, and the mystical body of Jesus Christ. The Church is hierarchically structured, with Jesus Christ as the head; it is an assembly of human beings with a spiritual community. Just coming together of people does not form a Church; people congregate for different purposes, but the Church is mysterious because she is God’s sacrament. The Church is a “sign and instrument”; it is the Ark through which God leads people into himself who is mysterious through the work of the new Noah, Jesus Christ.

The Church is like a sacrament, an instrument of communion with God and with a man. In the Church, man is united with God; she becomes the bride of God and is no longer two, therefore but ‘one.’ The Church is the body of Christ, yet an assembly of mere mortals. Just as God is three in one, so is the Church two in one, human and divine. That is the mystery of the Church.

  • Njideofor Dennis Reply

    God is not man, you are a great gift to humanity, may his blessings and wisdom be upon you