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The intermediate general chapter

30 Sep 2016, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Augustinians

The Augustinians worldwide gathered in Nigeria to celebrate the intermediate general chapter of the Order. It was almost two whole weeks celebration which started on 18th September 2016 to 30th September 2016. The Augustinian Province of St. Augustine of Nigeria gladly and proudly hosted the chapter that convinced many of the chapter fathers that Nigeria is a lovely nation and not as projected by some international media houses. The beautiful environment of the federal capital city of Nigeria, Abuja, received the chapter fathers and led to the outskirts of the city called Lugbe where they were hosted for this great celebration.

The intermediate general chapter is convoked three years after the ordinary general chapter. The purpose is to meet in fraternal council to evaluate the first three years after the ordinary general chapter to find better ways to promote the general chapter’s program. It offers the prior general and his council the opportunity to communicate the state of the Order to the brothers. The province of St. Augustine of Nigeria was chosen to host this great celebration. The chapter fathers came from different parts of the world and provinces, a reflection of who we are as Augustinians, one big family. The one mind has bridged our different tongues, cultures, and nationalities, and one heart we have intent upon God.

It was indeed a fruitful chapter with some touch of African liturgy. We are proud as a Nigerian province to be the first to host this celebration in Africa. We wish all the chapter fathers journey mercies as they return to their various provinces and Countries.