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The feast of saints Monica and Augustine

27 Aug 2019, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Augustinians

The Month of August is truly Augustinian, a Month the Augustinian family, with great excitement, joins the universal Church to specially celebrate the feasts of St. Monica (27th) and her son St. Augustine (28th). The amazing story of a mother and son’s journey to sainthood is truly amazing and inspirational; it is the story of grace at work, leading the restless hearts to rest in God.

St. Monica and her son St. Augustine in no small way, positively influenced and continues to inspire faith in people today. Through his scholarly achievements, St. Augustine philosophically and theologically opened the treasure of God’s word to illuminate the world darkened by heresies. On her part, St. Monica remains a shining example of motherhood and what it takes to be a wife. Her iconic tears, sacrifice, and prayer life did not let Augustine be lost in his intellectual quest; St. Monica constantly petitioned God in tears of hope that saw the amazing conversion of St. Augustine and his difficult father to Christ.  

St. Monica’s life challenges parents, not just mothers, to rededicate their families to God and teach their children the way of God, for the world is saturated with all forms of unhealthy information promoted by social media. It is surely not enough to biologically give birth; it is equally important to accompany them spiritually. St. Monica gave birth to St. Augustine biologically and ensured his spiritual birth.  

The Church presents these great saints as icons of the amazing power of prayer to our troubled world, a world where the virtue of patience and tolerance that defines the iconic lifestyle of St. Monica is lacking. It is certainly not an exaggeration to conclude that our world has become restless in its search for peace, almost eluding world leaders’ reach. The uprising and all forms of rebellious spirits manifesting themselves in demonic ideologies around the world testify how much we need to pray and be open to the power of grace as St. Monica and St. Augustine did.

The feast of St. Monica and St. Augustine should go beyond mere memorials to inspire the spirit of determination in us, she never gave up, and St. Augustine haven found God; he never let him go. Our world needs to rediscover God, and world leaders need to be reminded that “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain “(Psalm 127:1). We are all invited to rebuild our world; just as St. Augustine’s conversion is anchored on the prayers and petitions of his mother, Monica, the greatness of our world is anchored on our sincerity and prayer.

May Saint Monica and St. Augustine pray for us.





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