The Blessed Virgine Mary at every Mass

That the Blessed Virgine Mary attends every Mass sounds so weird; really a very strange way of thinking you may say. Before I continue, its good I let you know that this is not an official doctrine of the Catholic Church as far as I know, I read some stuff that sparked this thinking in me; you may call it a theological reflection or hypothesis. Whatever name you call it, it makes a lot of sense to me. And I also think it involves a lot of faith.

But if I may ask; do you really think it is impossible for the Blessed Virgine Mary to attend all Masses? And by the way, what do you understand the Holy Mass to be? Understanding the meaning of the Mass may help you see sense in my thinking.

The sacrifice of the Holy Mass is not different from the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross. However, we must point out the fact that the daily celebration of the Mass is not a daily crucifixion of Jesus Christ; Jesus died once and for all, he will never die again. The Mass therefore is the continious offering of the sacrificial Body and Blood of Jesus Christ to the Father in obedience to his command.

At the foot of the cross was the Blessed Virgine Mary, she never abandoned her Son. She was with him when he made the ultimate sacrifice. And since the Mass is the continious offering of the same sacrifice she faithfully witnessed to the end, she will always be there whenever it is offered. Mary did not save the world, but she co-operated with God to save the world by her simple yes to be used as the channel through which the saviour entered the world. She is present at Mass not as the victim of the sacrifice like her Son, even though the sword did truly pierced her heart as Simeon prophesied. She is present as a member of the Church in active participation in the sacrifice as she did on Good Friday at the foot of the cross. We cannot complete the story of the cross without the story of the sorrowful heart of Mary. So, just as we cannot talk about the cross without the pains of a mother who witnessed the cricifixtion of her Son, so also we cannot talk about the continuation of the same sacrifice without the mother. She did not and will never abandone her Son who is her Lord and God. For these reasons therefore, Mary is always at every Mass.

Again, this is not an official teaching or dogma of the Church, but my personal conviction. You have every right to disagree with me.

Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA

Joel Okojie is an ordained Catholic Priest in the Order of St. Augustine. He has been a Priest for over a decade. He served as pastor in two different parishes, he was one time Novice Master and a member of the Provincial Council of the province of St. Augustine of Nigeria, and he is currently on a mission in response to the needs of the Church in Canada.

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