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The beauty of pains

19 Mar 2018, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Doctrines

There is no doubt that man keeps eventing ways of making life easier, which is a great thing because God directed man to conquer the earth. So, to talk about the beauty of pains sounds like the craziest thing ever; how could one ever think of such? Religious fanaticism, you may call it. But again, can one ever erase pains? Pain, in whatever way you want to look at it. Even if you make the attempt to erase it, it gets back to you in different ways; it could be through children, friends, relations, and loved ones. If they are hurting, sick, or even dies, it affects you. So, there is something about pains we need to know.

I am certainly not a sadist; I don’t want pains in whatever form, neither do I wish others the same. But no matter how ugly pain may appear to be, there is something beautiful about it we must accept. At least it reminds us of our limitations and the need to look up to God for help. No matter how hard we try to conquer nature and re-create the world for our comfort, we cannot be greater than the author of life and all that is.

During the season of Lent especially, we willingly accept some bodily discomfort or pains to suppress our fleshly desires in other to be in touch with God in a special way. That is not to say we cannot get in touch with God in what you may call moments of joy and happiness, sure we can. But great joy and happiness can be derived from pains if you truly understand the beauty of pains. Pain is not always evil; there is something beautiful about it. That is why you find some people in pains, yet look so happy with faces full of smiles. “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” Pain can be so hurtful, but may not be suffering. However, it is not easy to say, “it is ok not to be ok.” The painful part of pain cannot be ignored; pain hurts, but the joy of knowing the Lord and uniting our pains with His becomes our strength.

  • Fortunatus Ihedioha Reply

    Thank you Fr. for this timely message. I have been trying to see you but it has not been possible. Too many works on your table calling for attention. It is well. Remain blessed Fr.

  • Abutu john Reply

    Many thanks Fr. For this insight.

  • Ebere Reply

    Well, as interesting as the article is, it’s a hard teaching. Pain is seen as a pulley that draws us to God… Great insight. Well done Fr!!

  • Thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! Much obliged.