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The Augustinian emblem

27 Apr 2015, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Augustinians


The Augustinian emblem or logo is simple, beautiful, and meaningful. It tells the story of who the Augustinians are; the followers of Christ Jesus in the spirit of St. Augustine.

The emblem, as shown on the top left of this article, is an open book that serves as a background to a flaming heart pierced by an arrow and through the book to keep the heart and the book together. It is very simple and beautiful, packed full of meanings. We are always very proud to display this logo on our cars, liturgical vestments, signboards, homes, and above all, in our hearts.

The open book suggests St. Augustine’s search for truth and knowledge and, by implication, our call to study. It is a call to all Augustinians to study God’s word and meditate on it daily and study wide to keep updated.

The study of the word of God goes with love for the word. So also, the response to the call to evangelize cannot thrive without the interest at heart. The flaming heart in our logo reminds us of the call not just to study but to love studies, to love the word of God. It is an invitation and a constant reminder to let our hearts burn like the hearts of the two disciples of Jesus as they walked down the road to Emmaus and listened to Jesus talk to them. They said to each other, Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the scriptures? Lk. 24:32. They experienced the flames; the heart must be allowed to be on fire, the fire of God.

The flaming heart also is a sign of the Augustinian Charity that translates into hospitality, our hallmark.

The arrow is the Holy Spirit that must penetrate the heart, influence, and inspire our understanding of the Word and the world. The Holy Spirit pierces the heart and binds it to the word of God; it helps our understanding. Apart from God, we can do nothing; the Holy Spirit is the gift of God to enable us to understand.

As we continue to strive to follow Christ in the Augustinian spirit.

  • Ada Reply

    very interesting and educative 2.Thank u Fr for this wonderful teaching. Fr, what of other signs used in catholic church mosly on the floor etc.

  • samuel lamba Reply

    Nice work padre
    Now I know