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The Catholic priesthood

07.08.2017 in Sacraments

The media recently reported the resignation of an ordained Catholic Priest who has served God faithfully through the priestly ministry for some good years. I cannot help but appreciate the services he rendered as a priest, especially for the souls he must have brought to...


The founder of the Catholic Church

14.03.2016 in Doctrines

It is a general belief that the Catholic Church is the Mother Church, which is the fact. All other denominations broke out from the Catholic Church directly or indirectly; the Catholic Church is the Church of Christ, the apostolic Church, and the Church with the...


Virgin Mary Co-Mediatrix

30.11.2015 in Mater Dei

The Catholic Church has so many titles for the most beautiful and wonderful woman God ever created, the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am so proud of these titles, even though we cannot give her enough. One of the titles is "Co-Mediatrix." This particular title sounds...


The Catholic Church and tithing

29.09.2015 in Doctrines

Tithing is actually not an official teaching of the Catholic Church; it was never emphasized, especially in Nigeria. The Church never officially condemned tithing; it was probably not emphasized because of the structure and the traditional ways of doing things in the Catholic Church; however,...