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The Catholic priesthood

07.08.2017 in Sacraments

The media recently reported the resignation of an ordained Catholic Priest who has served God faithfully through the priestly ministry for some good years. I cannot help but appreciate the services he rendered as a priest, especially for the souls he must have brought to...


Satan and the Blessed Virgin Mary

11.04.2016 in Mater Dei

Satan does not only hate the Blessed Virgin Mary, he also fears her a lot. They are great enemies just as he the devil is a great enemy to all Mary's children. I call their enmity a great one because God himself put that enmity between...


Are all sins equal?

04.04.2016 in Doctrines

The Catholic Church teaches that all sins are not equal, or to make the point clearer for your understanding, the Church teaches that all wrong doing is sinful but not all sins are deadly. The Church distinguishes between mortal and venial sins and this makes...

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