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Homily for second Sunday of Advent C

07.12.2018 in Sermons

In our first reading this morning, God calls on Jerusalem to take off her dress of sorrow and distress and put on the beauty of the glory of God. It is a call to preparation for a triumphant return, a reminder to Jerusalem that even...

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Homily for thirty second Sunday, year A

10.11.2017 in Sermons

As we approach the last month of the year, we are reminded that each passing day brings us closer to our last day on earth. We all know that Christmas is approaching, and we all know that it is on December 25th. But unlike Christmas and...

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Homily for the Twenty-eight Sunday, year A

13.10.2017 in Sermons

I remembered a few years ago, I con-celebrated at the funeral of a dear one, and our scripture passage this morning was the exact text of that day. On this mountain, the Lord of host will prepare for all people a banquet of rich food,...

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Homily for the Twenty-sixth Sunday, year A.

29.09.2017 in Sermons

Our first reading this morning reminds us of the gospel passage we read a week ago about how some hired servants saw injustice in the landowner's generosity and complained. In our first reading this morning, the people of Israel saw injustice in some of the...

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