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Homily for first Sunday of advent C

30.11.2018 in Sermons

Today we begin the season of advent, the season of special preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ at Christmas. The word advent is from the Latin word adventus, meaning coming. The season of advent is of expectation, anticipation and waiting in hope. Our liturgy of...

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The sign of the Cross

30.05.2016 in Doctrines

The Cross is simply a mark, figure or object formed by two intersecting lines or pieces of wood, iron or other materials. It was on a Cross formed of wood that the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified; his crucifixion changed the meaning of the Cross. Catholics...

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Homily for Christmas vigil

22.12.2015 in Sermons

Brethren, we gathered here tonight to celebrate Christmas vigil. The whole world keep vigil tonight in anticipation, waiting in hope for the birth of Jesus Christ. We gather this holy night to pray that Christ be born again in our world, in our lives and...