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Homily for thirty second Sunday, year A

10.11.2017 in Sermons

As we approach the last Month of the year, we are reminded of the fact that each passing day brings us closer to our last day on earth. We all know that Christmas is approaching, and we all know that it is on December 25th. But unlike...

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Homily for thirty-first Sunday, year A

03.11.2017 in Sermons

In our first reading this morning, the Lord says that he is a great king and the Lord of hosts, and his name is to be feared throughout the nations. In other words, there is no other king apart from him. The priest is not...

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Judgment and the Laws of the Universe

20.06.2016 in Doctrines

Our world has become so secularized that most people no longer remember the four last things: Death, Judgment, Hell and Heaven. The quest for miracle has overshadowed these thing in many minds, yet they remain realities we cannot change, they are facts of life we...

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The meaning of the jubilee year of mercy

28.12.2015 in Events

The year 2016 as the jubilee year of mercy is no longer new to the catholic world. Every Catholic now knows that the Pope has declared the year 2016 as the year of mercy; however, not so many may know what it entails. So, Joshua...

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