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Our culture and the Church’s doctrine

13.06.2016 in Doctrines

With smiles on my face I watched on the internet how two Nigerian Catholic priests danced like King David to the sound of the African traditional flute common among the Igbo people of Nigeria. I sometimes feel that the sound of this flute "intoxicate"...


Closing Mass of the synod on the family

25.10.2015 in Events

We thank God as the synod on the family came to a close today with the Holy Mass celebrated by Pope Francis at St. peter's basilica, Rome. The synod focused on the family and the mercy of God which the Church is called to reflect...

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The Sacrament of matrimony

24.08.2015 in Sacraments

Marriage in all cultures is a common practice, I am yet to see or hear about any culture where marriage is forbidden. Marriage is a natural institution instituted by God from the very beginning, it is the union of a man and a wife. Then...