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The Church and the resurrection power

23.04.2019 in Doctrines

To sketch the image of the Catholic Church as a rock will not be a mere artistic imagination, but a reality that reflects the foundation upon which the Church is built. Even though that “solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the earth”...

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Saints and relics in the Catholic Church

16.05.2016 in Doctrines

I love the Catholic Church, not just because the Church is the mother Church but also because she lives up to the expectations of her name. The Church is so organized and does nothing without good and explainable reasons, even though some none Catholics attack...


The Sacrament of matrimony

24.08.2015 in Sacraments

Marriage in all cultures is a common practice, I am yet to see or hear about any culture where marriage is forbidden. Marriage is a natural institution instituted by God from the very beginning, it is the union of a man and a wife. Then...