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Life in the Monastery

24 Mar 2015, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Augustinians

Written by Fr. Julius Onuoha (O.S.A.)
At the mention of the word monastery, several funny images becloud the minds of many people. For some persons, it is the image of a very lonely and quiet place where people don’t even talk or laugh with each other.

Augustinian Monastery gate, Jos, Nigeria.

Augustinian Monastery gate, Jos, Nigeria.

For some other persons, it is a place where some serious-looking monks, who hardly smile, spend their whole time praying, meditating, and reading the bible. There are also those who see the monastery as a spiritual prison where people foolishly go just to escape from the challenge of life.

These images are indeed funny. Obviously, life in the monastery is more than what many people think it is. Life in the monastery is quite unique and prayer-oriented, but it is not as “transcendental” as many of us think. The monks are neither angels nor escapists; they are human beings. They are not lonely souls running away from the responsibilities of life; they are a community of brothers enjoying the gift of God’s friendship in each other in a very unique and special way;

Augustinian Monastery    Jos, Nigeria.

Augustinian Monastery
Jos, Nigeria.

They live a community life, a life where everyone is relevant, where everything is important and where every time is significant.

When you step into the monastery, particularly the Augustinian monastery in Jos, Nigeria, you immediately observe that life is organized and time is utilized. There is time for everything, there is God in everything, and there is God in everyone. When we say everything, we mean everything that is good; things like recreation, manual labor, a celebration of life (i.e., the birthday of the brothers and special feast days), funny jokes, interesting arguments characterized by agreements and disagreements, sporting activities and spiritual activities such as Mass, praying of the divine office, adoration, benediction, bible study, and faith sharing.

The brothers in prayer.           Jos, Nigeria

The brothers in prayer.
Jos, Nigeria

The monks don’t just pray; they also play; they don’t only read the bible, but they also eat good food, they joke and laugh. In brief, they are happy people. They are happy not because they do what they like but because they like what they do, not because they are “in the money” but because they are “in Christ.”

One word that truly captures the nature of life in the monastery is “beautiful.” It is beautiful not because the brothers in the monastery don’t experience challenges but simply because no one faces anything alone. Every moment and experience is shared. Good moments are shared; bad moments are shared as well as ugly moments. In fact, no one does anything alone; the brothers in the monastery eat together, work together, recreate together, pray together,

Monastery Chapel in Jos, Nigeria.

Monastery Chapel in Jos, Nigeria.

Joke together and even “cry” together. Everyone indeed is a gift to everyone.

Again when we say “everyone,” we mean everyone. The monastery is not an Igbo community; it is not a Yoruba community or even a Hausa community; it is a Christian community; a community of different tribes, colors, characters, faces, talents, gifts but with a single culture- the culture of love and togetherness. Some persons think that a monastery is a place where individual differences are overlooked, but that is not true. In the monastery, individual differences are appreciated and harnessed for the good and growth of everyone.

This brings us to the final point. Life in the monastery is prophetic. It is a speechless message to a loveless world;

Monastery Library    Jos, Nigeria

Monastery Library
Jos, Nigeria


A world where many are in the crowd yet lonely; where many find it very difficult to live together because of normal human differences in language, color, personalities, ideologies, and beliefs; a world of individualism, sectionalism, and tribalism. In the way the brothers in the monastery live, we see what life in heaven would look like and what life on earth should be like. In a very speechless way, the brothers in the monastery, through their way of life, are saying to the whole world- we can live together! We can grow together! We can enjoy this life together!

  • Ada Reply

    Thank u Fr for this wonderful explanation. Now i know! i use to see them as a kind of people that just sacrificed their life out of of this world for the church and Heaven. But fr, Do they work out of the Monastery like other priests from other congragations?

  • Ada Reply

    So Fr Joel, u re a monk?

  • Ada Reply

    Fr. what of other religious congregation, like Vicentians, Dominicans, ETC. re they all Monasteries? (1) What is the differents between them and Diocesesian Priests?

    • Avatar photo

      Both the diocesan priests and the Religious priests are Catholic priests sharing in the one priesthood of Jesus Christ.
      We do the same work and work for the same God. The difference is that the Religious priests live a community life and in
      vow of poverty; that means they own nothing but shares all things in common. The Diocesans may not live this life.

  • Ojiya Dominic Ekpeme Reply

    Fr. Thank you for your explanation. But what if you go for an interview in a religious congregation and you are asked to explian why you prefer to be a missionary priest rather than a diocesan priest? What will be the write answer?

  • Michael Reply

    Fr.thank u so much.What about those Monks that don’t come out at all.Those ones that live in the forest and cell,do they still exist?.I want to become a Monk and i have applied to some monasteries.

  • Jumoke Ladan Reply

    Came across this piece of write up while surfing the net, looking for a monastery to go to for a retreat. Thanks for the enlightenment, but I wish we (Catholics) can embrace the use of technology more, because apart from Awhum monastery, there’s no other monastery that has a website, it’ll be nice if information like this and other information about monasteries can be accessed easily via their website even Augustinian monastery does not have a website, didn’t even know about it monastery until I read your article. Nice one Fr. see ya on Sunday at mass

    • Avatar photo

      Thanks Jumoke. You can actually go for a retreat there.

      • Malachy Reply

        Good morning father

      • Fabian Reply

        Good evening father. pleas What is the age limit for admission into the congregation of Cistercian monastery

        • Avatar photo

          Dear Fabian.
          Please, you need to contact your desired congregation for details of their admission.

        • Fabian Reply

          Thank you father.

  • Aniegbu stephen Reply

    Good day Padre.Is it only augustinian priests that live in their monastery, Or are there none clergy living there as augustinian monks also?

    • Avatar photo

      In Nigeria, only the Augustinian clergy and their seminarians live in the monastery for now. In some other parts of the world, they have none clergy living with them.

  • Aniegbu stephen Reply

    thanks padre. father is the community doing any thing towards the possibility of having or admiting,non clegy and training them to become an augustinian monk

  • ugwu shedrach chukwuebuka E. Reply

    Pls father I want to be a diocesan priest and am from Enugu states nsukka ,will it be possible to be admitted at st augustine seminary jos, if possible father pls help me in other to achive my priestly vocation pls father.

    • Avatar photo

      You can apply through your home diocese or any diocese. It depends on the bishop to
      decide which of the seminaries to send you to.

  • onoja godwin Reply

    Can I visit ur monastery for a short period father?

    • Avatar photo

      Sure. But I don’t stay in the monastery; so, you can contact the prior of the monastery
      by e-mail ( your visit.

  • Ifeanyi Reply

    How can you apply into entering the monastery of augustinian @ jos

  • Ekugbere Alex Etaredafe Reply

    pls fr. i admire the monastic life, i like to become one of them. how will i start. pls fr. prayer that God will show you if it is his will that i become his monk.

  • luke Ubong Reply

    Good work padre. Please padre I want to be a monk in order of saint augustine and there is no community near to me. Please can you give me the address?

  • Chris Reply

    Fr cant they start an active monastery in Nigeria for only augustinian brothers or hermit

  • Benedict Reply

    Thank you father for your explanations, but please give us the contact of the vocation director so that those discerning to join will contact him

    • Avatar photo

      The vocation director
      Augustinian monastery
      P.O. Box 1627
      Plateau state


      Through the nearest Augustinian Community to you.

  • Ekwu Charles Reply

    Fr, you have done a good work here. Jisia ike.

  • Mathew Ohanehi Reply

    Weldone Fr but pls can I know the state you from?

    • Peter NUHU Reply

      Nice write up father,I am very much interested in joining the Augustinian Order.I am 34years old and a government worker. Can I be admitted into the Order? What are the requirements? Thanks for the information father.

      • Avatar photo

        Thanks Peter for your interest in our Order, but I am very sorry the Augustinians in Nigeria has age limit for admission. You are far past the age. I’m sorry.

  • Igbazenda Peter Reply

    thanks fr am very greatful for your explianation. I wish to be one among aspirants that will be admitts next seasion. May will of God be done.

  • father i have interest into the monastery community am 24years i want to be a brother

    • Avatar photo

      Terkula, I appreciate your interest in religious life, but it is
      however unfortunate that the Augustinians in Nigeria has no place
      at the moment for “brotherhood”.

  • Ochada hyginus Reply

    Fr.pls Is there any certificate requirement into the monastery?

  • peter kimini Reply

    thanks padre for ur beautiful enlightment am peter from warri diocese am 21 years old i have d full zeal to join d monastic life but i dont know if monks n seminarians are allowed to visit their family at least once in a year

    • Avatar photo

      Hello Peter.
      Seminaries go on holidays, so you can spend your holidays with your
      family. However, every religious must learn to accept the fact that he
      or she now belongs to the religious family.

  • Matthias okeke Reply

    Hy padre am matthias i wnt to knw d age bracket and if d augustinians are strict with a candidate dat scored D7 in CRS…

  • Hy padre plz i earnestly wnt’s to knw wen d national interview is coming up……

  • Jonathan Reply

    Please Fr. I want to know the age limit for for Augustinian in Nigeria. Thanks

  • Jonathan Reply

    Please Fr. I want to know the age limit for Augustinian in Nigeria. Thanks

    • Avatar photo

      Dear Jonathan, those between the ages of 18 and 20 years are more likely to be admitted, or 25 years old who is a graduate. Thanks.

      • Francis Reply

        Fr. I want to be a monk.

        • Avatar photo

          Dear Francis.
          I guess you mean you want to join our Augustinian family. If I’m right, then I advise you to read at leats a little about
          St. Augustine and the Augustinian life, and then visit the nearest Augustinian parish to you for
          further instructions.

          you can get back to me if you wish.


  • blessing imum Reply

    Fr. I want to be a nun can I join the agustinian ?

  • Peter Reply

    father are stammerers admitted?

    • Avatar photo

      Dear Peter. If God calls you, stammering cannot be a barrier.
      At the moment we don’t have a stammerer, but I advice you to
      apply for admission if you feel called.

  • Samuel Joseph Reply

    Dear Padre, I would like to go into monastic life, however I do not really know how to go about it. Please I would need a comprehensive guideline on how to go about it.

    • Avatar photo

      Samuel, there are different monasteries with different spiritualties. You have to first of all decide which of them you want. Augustinians? Benedictines? There are some others from which you can chose. That is the first step.

  • Sebastian Reply

    Hello father i really appreciate what you are doing. But as for cameroonians can it be possible for us to join the order since you are not present here in Cameroon? I tried in vain to contact the vocation director. But it seem like if cameroonians are not accepted.

    • Avatar photo

      You are welcome Sebastian. If you have completed your secondary education with at least five credits including English language, and if you are a baptized and confirmed Catholic, then keep the communication with me. You can apply for admission early next year. simply scan a copy of your baptismal card, school certificates and your application letter to me (

      • Sebastian Reply

        Ok Thank you very much father. I will send it to you as soon as possible. Or lets say tomorow.
        God bless

  • Benedict Ebere Reply

    Thank u Fr. for this information. I’m 26yrs old and I just concluded my NYSC. I’ve been feeling called to be a Monk. If I apply wil I get admitted. what if I try the order of St. Benedict, will I be admitted?

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Benedict.
      Just make up your mind and apply for admission to which ever Order you want. Do not be afraid of whether you will be admitted or not; it is God who calls.


    Goodday Father, my name is Innocent Emeka Nkwegu I am from Ebonyi State. Father, I have once apply to your Order, but have not head from them. Please Father, what will I do.

    • Avatar photo

      When exactly did you apply? Are you sure your application reached us? Well, try again, I’m sure the vocation’s director would reply you.

  • Okpoto kingsley nnaemeka Reply

    Good day fr. Am kingsley please i whant to apply but i dont no hw to send my application to jos but am staying at croos river state. Padre please help me

  • Gwer Oliver Reply

    hello Fr, my name is Oliver, 24 years old with scool cert..I have a strong desire of joining your congregation but have not been confirmed yet. Would this be barrier?? And I wish to have a clear knowledge on how u people run admission from begining to the end. Thank u.

    • Avatar photo

      Oliver, you need to be confirmed. And I’m sorry, in Nigerian province we have age limit for admission. You are above the age, I’m sorry.

  • Peter Reply

    Greeting to you padre.Those with National diploma, are the considered as graduates. Because iam twenty two years of age with National diploma result.

  • Chukwuma Reply

    Father,is there any Augustinian community in Anambra state or any part of south east of Nigeria?

  • Joseph Reply

    Good evening fr, I am Joseph by name and I have a deep interest in your congregation. I am 23 old, how can I apply?

    • Avatar photo

      Hello Joseph.

      Its good to know you have great interest in the Oder of St. Augustine.

      Do you really know much about St. Augustine? Read more about him and them
      the apply through the nearest Augustinian community to you.

  • Dear Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie, I am really interested in spending the rest of my poor life, serving God, after a much fruitless search for meaning in this secular world. Can you recommend a monastry or seminary where my dreams, could be realized as a monk. I should be approaching my fourties soon.

    Thanks for your sympathy, Ikechukwu Ibeka

    • Avatar photo

      Dear Johnson.
      One does not presume to take this honour, but takes it only when called by God, just as Aaron was (Heb. 5:4). Pray about your desires, and if it is God’s will that you live the monastic life I recommend the Benedictines for you. I would have recommended my Order, but in Nigeria we take younger persons.

      • Kingsley Okpoto Reply

        father my name is kingsley i applied to the augustanian in jos for the priestly vocation and when i called a priest in your order he said that i should not apply to jos directly that they is some steps i need to follow. so i want to no the steps father.

        • Avatar photo

          Sorry about that Kingsley. Please, visit the nearest Augustinian parish or
          community to you to submit your application.

          • Dominic mario

            Please Fr I want to apply to the Augustinians and I have NECO result is it possible.

          • Avatar photo

            Hi, Dominic.
            You need five credits including Enflish language in WAEC. But please, visit the nearest Augustinian Community for further clarification.

  • Dear Rev Okojie, could you please, tell me more about the Benedictines,please.
    Thank you for your thoughtful answers to my questions.

    • Avatar photo

      Hello Johnson, you can read a lot about St. Benedict and the Benedictines on the internet, please do that and pray about your vocation.

  • Lest, I forget, how do I go about pursuing these dream, of being a Benedictine, as you suggested. I believe God has called me to his service, going from my personal experiences like Jonah who severally refuted God’s call. Again, apart from totally devoting ones life to the service of God, can one be free to pursue other non-secular vocations as far as they glorify God?
    Please could you be of help in these regard I mean directing me through some of the Benedictine Orders most suitable, you may wish to recommend, to me, please.

    Ikechukwu Johnson Ibeka

  • Comisah Reply

    Good evening Rev.Fr.Joel.
    Please What is the limit of transfer among CSSP , OSA ( priest ),Holy Ghost Priest & Diocesesian Priests In the aspect of their Work ? Again Can Bishop transfer Monks From one Monastery to the other ? Or from one Church parish to another ?

    • Avatar photo

      The bishop does not transfer the Augustinians or any other religious group, only the religious superious does that. They can be transfered to any part of the world.

  • Victor Adebayo Reply

    Thank you FR, am 29years old and I which to go to St. Augustine monastery, are my still eligible for for the monastery

    • Avatar photo

      I’m very sorry Adebayo, you are above the age limite. For some reasons we have age limit in the Augustinian Province Nigeria. That is not to say that you have no vocation to the priesthood, you could try any other group. Thanks.

  • Dominic Reply

    Fr Joel I am grateful for your enligtment about your congregation God bless u

  • Father i want to join the order am 25 years old i dont no if i will be allow

  • Francis Reply

    Good evening father. Can one come to your ministry to have quiet time for prayer? If yes father, are there accommodation? If yes father, for how long can one stay? I need to spend time out of work to discuss with God without distractions. Thanks

    • Avatar photo

      I’m sorry Francis, I don’t run a private ministry as such. I work in a parish with no such facilties, but the Augustinian Monatery may be a better place for you. Thanks.

  • Nkwocha Anthony Reply

    Padre, am 26 years old with national diploma and a final year student of National open university of Nigeria, a parishioner of st Vincent parish olodi, I have an interest to the monastic life and I want to know if am eligible.

    • Avatar photo

      Dear Anthony, I’m afraid you are not. But that dose not mean you cannot be a priest
      in any other religious congregation, it is God who calls. I encourage you to
      talk about it with your parish priest.

  • Igwilo Stanley Ekene Reply

    Good evening Father, I have the desire to join a religious congregation because i feel the call to be a priest. Although i am still in my 3rd, second semester at the University. I wish to complete my studies before i join the congregation. Father, I need guidiance.

    • Avatar photo

      That’s great Stanley. Its actually wise to graduate from the university first,and
      then if the desire for religious life is still there, you go for it. Pray about it,
      it is God who calls.

  • Lynda Reply

    Good evening father. My name is Lynda, Please I want to find out if one can cone for a retreat at the monastery? Is there any procedure regarding to that.I Also wish to know if there is accommodation for visitors that want to spend some days there.
    Thank you

  • Ngwuta samuel Reply

    Please Padre, Am Samuel Ngwuta by name, pls how can i apply to be a monk in lagos for i have searched but i couldn’t a monastery around lagos where i stay

  • Pls father can u give me brief criteria about the st. Augustine major seminary

    • Avatar photo

      Dear Isaac.
      I guess you’re trying to ask how to get admitted into St. Augustine’s
      Major Seminary. You need to come in through a diocese or religious congregation; I
      mean, you need to be accepted by a diocese or a religious congregation first.

  • John Reply

    Hello fr. Remain blessed. Growing up as a kid, I have always wanted to be a even when my parents aren’t Catholics. I waited till I finished secondary school and decided to switch from been a Presbyterian to a Catholic. I went home 2008 after writing my waec exams, met the parish priest there and explained everything to him. He asked me to wait till my result is out then we can continue from there. In the cause of waiting, I came back to town and somehow joined the army 2009 believing I can still be a even in the army. 2012 I tried to write the exam while in the army (Edo state), I didn’t make it since I had little knowledge of Catholic doctrines, to cut the story short, I quit my job few years back but currently not in Nigeria, but wish to come back and still go for my calling, am 27years old now. Please I have always wanted to meet that one person that will guide me in the path of my calling, can you please be the one? Thanks fr.

    • Avatar photo

      Dear John.
      Just as you said, I can only guide, it is the Lord who calls.
      As long as you are a baptized and confirmed Catholic, you can actually applied
      to be admitted into the seminary through any diocese of your choice, preferably
      your home diocese or any Catholoc religious Order. I’m sorry, you cannot join the
      Augustinians in Nigeria because we have age limite, but that is not to say you cannot
      be a Catholic priest.

      I do not know exactly where you are based right now,but I think its good you have a chat with
      your current parish priest. You can get back to me if you wish.


  • Fabian Reply

    Good evening father,
    Please I am 22yrs and am currently studying mechanical engineering in Ahamadu Bello university, will i be admitted into congratulations of Augustinian monastery ofter my first degree program.

    • Avatar photo

      Dear Fabian.
      It is the Lord who calls. I would encourge you to complete your
      studies first, then applied for admission into the Orther. Let the
      Lord’s will be done.

  • Nwankwo Chisom Calista Reply

    Hello father, please i want to join Poor Clare Nun but i will pass the age limit before i will finish my studies in higher institution and i don’t know what do about it.

    • Avatar photo

      Dear Calista. I advise you visit the Poor Clare Community to get details about their
      admission system.

      • Nwankwo Chisom Calista Reply

        ok thanks

  • Eke Cajetan Reply

    Fr. how can I join this Order?

  • John Reply

    Hello Padre, I wish all congregations and dioceses have atleast have a blog to get information as you have done. Just like some persons have already pointed out, one major issue with information about religious places in Nigeria is the medium of communication. For over a decade I have applied and tried to make inquiries about many religious congregations in Nigeria through post and phone calls and even email from the few that has but the responses have been very very poor. I think there is need for congregations and dioceses to explore more better ways of communication, by so doing it will be a lot easier to get feedbacks. Thanks.

  • Okoh Rosemary Reply

    Good evening Fr. please, are all Augustinians monks?

  • Okoh Rosemary Reply

    please fr, my younger brother love the Augustinian order and he wants to apply. please I want to know if all Augustinians are monks.

    • Avatar photo

      Dear Rosemary.
      Augustinians are a religious group that live a community life. We are not monks in the strict sense. And by the way, your brother should know what he wants, don’t be the one to choose for him. Thanks.

  • Felix ehimhen Reply

    Holle father

  • No Name Reply

    I need a place to get outta the world for a while and heal myself before I loose it all. Need someone to talk to… Need someone to listen. Need a whole new strange place to be to dilute my hurting self like a monastery just for few months…

  • Stanley Reply

    Fr.. I really want to visit a monastery, but I don’t no how to do abt dat am in Nigeria Delta State

  • Dominic-Mario Reply

    Good day fr, I am Dominic pls what’s the requirements to apply to the Augustinian in Nigeria am from lagos

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Dominic.

      Thanks for your interest in the Augustinian Order. I’m sorry I may not have the details, but ince you are in Lagos, please do visit Our Lady of Lourdes Parish (Augustinian parish) at Coker in Suruere for details about admission.


      • DOMINIC Maria Reply

        Wow!!….. thanks a lot father
        Being able to reply to almost all these questions and comments.

        Thanks a lot.

  • Gerald Sam Reply

    Good day fr,

    I really believe it’s God almighty that made me to contact you in your blog sir,

    Please how can I contact you on call please?

    Please I really want to speak with you on the phone sir

    I have a lot to discuss with you or if you can help me out with the vocational director of this Augustine monastery mobile contact, I would be very glad sir as i humbly awaits your thoughtful reply.

    Thank you sir for sharing this great content with us and may God Almighty bless you in Jesus name Amen

  • Really enjoyed all the converse
    Just came in new

  • David moses Reply

    Good day father, my name is David, I’m not a Catholic, I’m just a young man looking for spiritual awakening and enlightenment to connect with my spirit man, honestly that’s been hard to do in the outside world, I just need a safe religious space to actualise this dream, maybe for like a year, will a monastery accept me?

    • Avatar photo

      David, I appreciate your search for spiritual awakening, I pray you get the spiritual awakening you seek.
      To your question, however, I cannot assure you of being accepted into the Augustinian monastery. No harm in trying.