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It is a reality, not “April fool”

01 Apr 2018, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Doctrines

It is undeniably true that the playing of pranks or practical jokes has become part of us. In almost every society and culture, pranking each other is accepted. Though we know that pranks sometimes go wrong and become disastrous, it is something that has been with us. At least, since the 19th century, the first day of the Month of April has been associated with pranking in many parts of the world, and it is popularly known as “April fool”. How this day came to be so associated with a prank, I do not know. Some however claim that the origin of “April fool” is tied to the Greco-Roman festival called Hilaria, which was celebrated on March 25th. Some others believe that this popular day is connected to the rejoicing that comes with springtime. Whatever version of the origin of “April fool” you may have probably heard or even believe, it is obviously true that the certainty of the origin of this almost universally accepted day of prank is not certain. And I am definitely not concerned right now about the origin of this day, but to ask; was the death of Jesus Christ on the cross and his resurrection a prank?

Jesus Christ was crucified on Good Friday for the salvation of mankind, some Jewish leaders and passers-by laughed at him and saw him as a failure; they mocked him and asked him to come down from the cross if he is the Son of God, but he chose to stay on the cross and died there to bring us life in abundance.

After his death, he was brought down and laid in the tomb. The tomb was heavily guarded because the chief priests and the Pharisees thought Jesus and his apostles were up for a “prank”. But three days later, when it was still dark on Sunday morning, he broke the chains of death and rose triumphantly. Fear gripped the soldiers sent to guard the tomb, and they were like dead men (Mt. 28:4). It was not a prank; Jesus rose, and he is alive! “April fool” has been rendered meaningless on this day; April 1st, 2018. It is amazing how prank and truth came to meet, how great truth is celebrated on a day universally accepted as a day of prank and fooling each other. The first day of the Month of April should no longer be known as “April fool” but “April truth”. Jesus has turned the fooling of ourselves into telling the truth of his resurrection. On this day, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ; a great truth that lies cannot overcome, and alleluia has become our song.

  • Ebere Reply

    This article is timely. Truth be told, Christians are beginning to ridicule the death & resurrection of Christ. In the bid to prank, joke or whatever, we woke up this Good Friday to see different kinds of ‘Jesus’…Baby on the Cross screaming his lungs out, drunks on the Cross, run away ‘Jesus’ on the way to calvary, etc. For me, it is a ridicule of our faith. People need to learn the sanctity of Holy events & desist from it.

    Indeed, Christ resurrection is not a prank & shouldn’t be toyed with!

    May God continue to increase you in wisdom & knowledge..

    Happy Easter!!

  • Anonymous Reply

    Padre, is this video true about the origin of Easter day celebration attributed to pagan worship

  • David Stephen Alabi Reply

    Good write-up Padre. It is indeed “April truth”. I will add to this. It is no more “April fool” as the prank goes, rather, “April FULL”. Full of truth and redemption of mankind.