How I pray the Rosary

Often times I hear some Catholics say they pray the Rosary within 15 munities, I wonder how? You may agree that it is possible; yes, it is very possible but it depends on how you pray it. Remember it is a prayer, and prayer is more than mere words. The words of our prayer must be backed with faith and we must be conscious of the fact that we are talking to God. The Rosary is a meditative prayer, it is not something we rush like a birthday party song. When you want to pray the Rosary and enjoy your time with the Lord and his Mother, take your time, don’t rush. Be conscious of every word that comes out of your mouth and let your heart be involved. about the holy rosary and marian devotions

I don’t want to begin to tell you when to say the “our Father”, the “hail Mary” and the “glory be to the father”, I presume you already know that. I simply want you to be involved in your prayer. If for instances you want to pray the Five joyful mysteries, which are: Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, Presentation and the Finding of the Child in the Temple; you meditate on each of the mysteries before you begin the 10 “hail Marys”. Annunciation; here you meditate on how the Angel Gabriel was sent by God to Mary to announce the coming of the Messiah. It tells us about the love of God; for God so love the world that he gave his only Son (Jn.3:16). Spend one or two munities in meditation; meditate on how God loves you, how his love has kept you to this day and how he is loving you into eternity. Try to imagine how Mary felt when the Angel broke the news to her, thank God for his love for you and the world and then you begin the “hail Marys”, calling for mother Mary’s intercessions. The same thing goes with the other mysteries of the Rosary.

This may be new to you; it is something personal to me, it helps my recitation of the Rosary and I felt I should shear it with you.


Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA

Joel Okojie is an ordained Catholic Priest in the Order of St. Augustine. He has been a Priest for over a decade. He served as pastor in two different parishes, he was one time Novice Master and a member of the Provincial Council of the province of St. Augustine of Nigeria, and he is currently on a mission in response to the needs of the Church in Canada.

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