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Homily for Thirteenth Sunday B

30 Jun 2018, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Sermons

waitingToday’s gospel reading is a continuation of the gospel passage of the twelfth Sunday of year B, where Jesus and his apostles crossed over to the other side. I remember in my homily that Sunday, I talked about things that happen when we cross over to the other side, especially with faith. The apostles crossed over with Jesus to the other side, to the country of Gerasenes. When they had crossed, they met a large crowd waiting for them by the lakeside. The crowd waited because they knew that whenever Jesus crossed over, something marvelous happens. They waited for his arrival. Though we are not told how long they waited, they waited for him. That is one thing you hardly find among many Christians today; many can no longer wait; they have become so impatient with God. They want answers to every one of their questions here and now; they want every of their problem to be solved here, and now, they question God’s delay, and his delay has become for them his absence. But God said in the book of Habakkuk 2:3 that even when he seems to delay, we must wait because he will surely come; everything he has said will surely come to pass.

Many of those that waited for Jesus had their reasons for waiting; some may have waited just because they heard about Jesus and just wanted to see him, some others may have waited to hear his new teaching, while still, others may have gathered to be healed. Though they may have gathered for various reasons, at least one person came forward to tell us while he was there, a synagogue official named Jairus. JairusThis man went straight to Jesus to tell him while he waited for his arrival; he was not at the lakeside to admire the water; neither was he there because others were there. He had his reason, and he wasted no time to present his case. When he saw Jesus, he went straight to him, fell at his feet, and pleaded with him earnestly, saying, My little daughter is desperately sick. Do come and lay your hands on her to make her better and save her life. When Jesus crosses over to us, he comes with healing, power, deliverance, salvation, and all God’s blessings. This man waited because he wanted his daughter to be saved, and when Jesus arrived, he requested what he waited for. Jesus did not deny him of his request; he went with him to his home. A large crowd waited for Jesus, and he followed only one to his house. Amazing! Waiting in hope with faith.

It is not enough to wait; people can wait in fear and doubt, but we must learn to wait in hope and faith. Our faith in God can do amazing things, much more than we can ever imagine. Jairus said, come and lay your hands on my little daughter, and she will be saved. The laying on of hands demonstrates power, and Jairus believes in that power; that was why he waited.

A large crowd followed Jesus on his way to Jairus’ house, probably the same crowd that waited for him by the lakeside. Among the crowd that followed Jesus was a woman who has suffered from a hemorrhage for twelve years. Hemorrhage is any bleeding from the blood vessels; it could be internal or external bleeding. I am not a medical doctor, but I have read that this condition could result from trauma or direct injury to the blood vessels. I do not know what put that woman in that condition; she must have been traumatized by the storms of life or badly injured, but we know that she was in that condition for twelve years. She visited all the doctors she knows and spent all she had to no avail. She was in the crowd that followed Jesus, not just a follower but a believer. She came up behind Jesus through the crowd with faith and touched the cloak of Jesus.The touch She had said to herself, if I can touch even his clothes, I shall be well again. She touched with faith, and she was well again, the bleeding stopped, the source of the bleeding dried up instantly. Jesus turned around and asked, who touched me? This question sounded foolish to the apostles; how could he ask such a question? With this crowd all around you, everybody touching you and falling on you, and you still ask who touched you? But Jesus insisted that somebody touched him, there was a touch different from all others, somebody touched me with faith. Knowing everything that has happened to her, the woman confessed, and Jesus said to her, your faith has restored you to health; go in peace and be free from your complaint.

There were so many touches, so many people touched Jesus, but nothing happened to them. But this particular woman touched with faith, and she was healed. Twelve years sickness was healed within a twinkle of an eye. That is the power of faith! She waited in hope and touched with faith, and she never remained the same. Jesus praised her faith; in fact, he was still praising her when some people arrived from Jairus’ house telling him not to bother inviting Jesus because her daughter was dead. Jesus overheard them, and he said to Jairus, do not be afraid; only have faith. And her daughter has been raised to life, the same daughter that was dead. Even when Jesus said that the girl was not dead but asleep, they laughed at him.

Have you been waiting? Are you getting tired of waiting? Are people laughing and telling you that everything about you is dead? The Lord tells you today, do not worry, only have faith. Walkthrough the crowd to touch him with faith, ignore the waiting crowd to invite him to your house, into your situation with faith. Even when everything around you tells you to bother Jesus no more, listen to the voice telling you not to be afraid, only have faith, and all will be well again. Those that laughed at Jesus marveled at his power, so also those who laugh at you today will be marveled tomorrow at what the Lord will do in your life.

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