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Homily for third Sunday of Easter, A

28 Apr 2017, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Sermons

We are still celebrating the power and glory of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, His victory over sin and death. We see the boldness that comes with the resurrection power with the help of the Holy Spirit; it was on Pentecost day as we read in our first reading this morning. Peter fearlessly stood before Israel’s people and addressed them, reminding them of how they accused and handed Jesus over to be crucified and how the Father glorified him through his resurrection. This reminder was not a way of judging and condemning the people, but to make them realize their mistakes and repent. In our second reading, Peter reminds us that the death of Jesus Christ is a sacrifice; it is the ransom paid to set us free from the power of sin and death. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ brought life in abundance; it revealed the glory of God and granted us free access to the Father. That was what happened when Jesus breathed His last on the cross, the thick curtain that separated the people from the Holy of Holies was torn from top to bottom, He made a way where there was no way. By His death and resurrection, Jesus removed the curtain of sin that separated us from the Father and led us into a new covenant in His Blood.

Like the people of ancient Israel, Peter addresses us today; he reminds us that we have, in one way or the other, through our sins, handed Jesus over to be crucified; we deny and reject him whenever we sin. We are therefore called to be conscious of the ransom that was paid to set us free and to live in the light of that freedom. In the gospel reading, we meet the disciples as they narrate their experience of the risen Lord. They had experienced the Lord on their way to a village called Emmaus; they were probably running away from Jerusalem because of shame or fear. They had hoped that Jesus Christ would save them from their political enemies, but He was arrested and crucified; for them, all hope was gone. They decided to run away from Jerusalem, from everything that reminded them of the shameful death of Jesus Christ. On their way, the Lord joined them and explained the scripture to them even though they did not recognize Him. When they got to Emmaus, the village to which they were going, Jesus made as if to go on, but they begged him to stay with them for the night because it was late, so, He went in and stayed with them. At the breaking of bread, they recognized Him, but he vanished. The two disciples returned to Jerusalem that same night to tell the brothers that they have seen the Lord.
That was a wonderful experience; the two disciples were running away from Jerusalem out of frustration, but when they met with the Lord, they went back that very night to the same Jerusalem they were running away from to give testimonies. It was no longer night for them; it was no longer late. Before they recognized Jesus, it was nearly evening, late to travel. But after they realized the risen Lord, the evening became like morning; they traveled back to Jerusalem without fear of been attacked, the glory of the Lord brightened the darkness of their lives.

That is how it is with us today; sometimes, it appears too late for us to find help, but nothing is too late with God. That is how God works; once you recognize the power of God around you, nothing will be too late. These two disciples had told their guest (Jesus) that it was too late to continue his journey, but it was no longer late when they recognized him as the Lord. The power of his presence renews everything; it makes even the night as bright as day.

So, I ask you this morning; what are those things in your life you feel cannot be helped? Do you feel that you cannot begin another journey of faith because of the so many disappointments in your life? The two disciples of Jesus were disappointed, but the risen Lord turned their disappointment to an appointment. The journey was too late for them, but the risen Lord led them through it.

The Lord has risen; have you met with him? The disciples recognized him at the breaking of bread, and we break this same bread every day. At Mass, we meet with the Lord; we meet with the risen savior who revealed himself to his disciples at the breaking of bread. This revelation is still on; he continues to show himself at breaking the bread and breaking his word. Let us, therefore, ask the risen Lord to open our eyes of faith to recognize him at the breaking of bread and also to let His words burn within us.

  • Izundu Somadina Reply

    Dt was a nice one….keep it up…..may God always strengthe you to work in his vineyard…. Amen

  • thank you padre . Am grateful, i will continue to aspire to be an augustinan.