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Homily for the fifth Sunday of Lent, year A.

27 Mar 2020, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Sermons

Homily for the fifth Sunday of Lent, year A

Lets pray and trust God for protections and healing.

We are in a very trying moment, the world is in turmoil, and Church doors are closed all over the word in fear of the tsunamic spread of coronavirus and in obedience to government leaders. It is indeed a never seen before situation that has humbled the most powerful nations worldwide to reveal man’s powerlessness. This is the time to bow not to the devastating effects of the coronavirus but to the power of God to forgive and heal.

In our first reading this morning, He promised to open graves and bring back life to show His omnipotence; He is Lord indeed.

The opening of graves means restoration. The destructive power of the coronavirus around the world may be nothing less than Death and graves. Death may be on a rampage, the world may be running out of life, but there will be restoration. This is the time for faith and reason to walk hand in hand, time to trust God and be rational.

Medical experts have suggested ways to humanly tame the aggressiveness of this virus, and while we adhere to their professional advice, we put our trust in the restoration power of God.  

The current situation in the world may be open to different interpretations by different people. It may be a sign of the non-existence of God or His powerlessness for the atheist. For some Christians it is divine punishment, warning from God, or a sign of end time. We may have our individual interpretations, but we put our trust in God as believers and as a Church.

In our gospel passage this morning, we see hopeless situations turned around. It was becoming a hopeless situation for Martha and her sister Mary after Jesus seemed to ignore their several calls to come to heal their brother Lazarus. His silence did not in any way mean insensitivity, for, in the midst of what seems to be His silence, He loved Lazarus.

Jesus showed up only after Lazarus died and had spent four days in the tomb. His coming was considered too late by the two sisters, for they both said, Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” But thank God for Martha, who also acknowledged that God could do anything; she said, “But even now I know that God will give you whatever you ask of him.” And at the end, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

The fear that has gript the world due to this pandemic may be intense, but we can say like Martha; even now, we believe you can do it.

Martha and Mary prayed and waited for Jesus to heal their brother Lazarus but, Jesus’ plan was different. He planned not only to heal Lazarus but the entire village. If Jesus had come as Martha and Mary prayed, He would have healed Lazarus without giving faith to the entire village. His delay was intentional; it was to gather the entire people to see the demonstration of God’s power over death. On account of the resurrection of Lazarus, the entire village believed in Jesus. He healed their doubts.

Things will turn around; it may get worse, but it will surely turn around. Let us as Christians fight the situation from our knees while observing social distances and other precautions. This is not a time to doubt but to trust more, to trust the word of God that He will restore our land.

We pray to God to protect medical personnel risking their lives to help others, we pray for healing for those infected already, and we pray for the peaceful rest for the souls of the dead.  Amen.   


  • Victor Reply

    Thanks for the homily.. I now understand what was the mind JESUS in the case of Lazarus’s death ..remain blessed ..PADRE

  • Good bless you Fr. Joel. For these words of assurance. Reading this, these morning from has really made the whole of my day. Remain bless in unlimited wisdom.

  • Thank you very much for the content. I wish you continued success. Lenka Ludvig Daniell

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