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Homily for second Sunday C

18 Jan 2019, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Sermons

In our first reading this morning, God expressed his love for Zion, his desire to fight for her. He says he will not be silent about Zion, he will not grow tired about Jerusalem until her integrity shines out like the dawn. God will not rest until the enemies of Zion sees her crowned with victory.

Zion must be fortunate; who is this Zion? Where is this Zion? The Psalmist tells in Psalm 87:2-3, that the Lord loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwelling places of Jacob. Glorious thing are spoken of you, O city of God. Zion, therefore, refers to the city of God, Jerusalem, and its people.

A week ago, we celebrated the baptism of Jesus, and I did preach that baptism makes us the children of God; we are therefore his people, the Zion for which God will not rest until he has put our enemies under our feet. By faith, we claim the word of God; it is by faith we claim to be part of God’s city, and it is by faith you become a “zionnite.” We are believers must learn to trust in God’s word no matter the contrary views, no matter what the world says.

God says he will not rest until you are vindicated, until you are crowned with beauty until you are no more termed forsaken. God will not rest until you are called the delight of God, and the glory of God shines in you. This does not depend on how strong or skillful you are, but on what God has said he will do.

Our gospel passage this morning is in line with trust; it reflects the need to trust in God’s word. At Cana in Galilee during a wedding ceremony, Mary, the mother of Jesus, was there, and he and his disciples were also invited. At a point, the couple ran out of wine and what they needed at that time was not the skills of a wine tapper but God’s blessings. What the wine tapper had to say at that moment would do no good to save the embarrassing situation. What they needed was for God to speak. So, Mary ran to Jesus and said to him; they have no wine. Though Jesus hesitated by asking his mother, Woman, why turn to me? My hour has not come yet; Mary trusted the word of God. She said to the servants, do whatever he tells you. And that is the message, trust the word of God, do whatever he tells you. Mary trusted the word, and without doubt, she says to the servant; do whatever he tells you.

In response to that great confidence in whatever God says, Jesus ordered the servants to fill the six stone water jars that were there with water, and he turned it into wine. He saved the couple from embarrassment; he provided for them in times of their lack.

Sometimes, this passage of the scripture is used against the Church’s faith; they try to use it to discredit our faith in Mary’s intercessory role. They argue that Jesus is in no support of any form of Marian devotion, and they claim that is the reason Jesus answered Mary the way he did. But these few individuals fail to realize the “magic” of her faith in God’s words and the power of her intercession. Granted that it wasn’t time for Jesus to act, he acted because his mother asked him to act. He had to act because the scripture commands us to honour and obey our parents; he leads by example.

Brethren, let us not be distracted by criticism; let us rather learn from Mary to trust the word of God. Mary trusted the word of God and was able to say to the servants, do whatever he tells you. We, too, must learn to trust whatever the Lord says. He says to you today that he will not rest until your situation is brought to rest for your sake.


    That’s a great one Fr Joel, keep it up!

  • Please father. Can you be putting the scripture texts of the reading for the day, for further studies and references.