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Christ the King procession

22 Nov 2015, by Rev. Fr. Joel Okojie OSA in Events

Jesus the universal king entered world in human flesh, unnoticed. He who is surrounded and worshipped day and night by uncountable numbers of Angels and Saints in his heavenly kingdom took flesh in the womb of a mere mortal, he entered our sinful world without an escort or a procession of admirals, but his power and authority attracted people to him.

As on the day he triumphantly entered Jerusalem in a great procession of praise, the Catholic Church comes out in procession of faith and celebration today (The solemnity of Christ the universal king ) to fearlessly proclaim Christ Jesus the universal king. It is our expression of faith in the universal kingship of Jesus Christ and his continues special presence in the Holy Eucharist.


The parishioners of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Lagos Nigeria was not left out in this great Catholic celebration. They came out in their number, old and young without shame or fear to proclaim Jesus Christ the universal king. It was a faith filled celebration that lifted the spirit of the Church above the power of every other kingdom.





It is my prayer that as we proclaim Christ Jesus the universal King, He may continue to count us among the chosen of his kingdom.

  • Nwaka Ebere celine Reply

    Christ the King remains a profession of faith without inhibition. It is a healing process andthe fullness of God’s presence… Yesterday was a great day. I’m glad and proud to be a catholic.

    Thank you Fr. J for blessing us with your wisdom!

  • ada Reply

    I was part of it and it was awesome too though we did not enjoy gospel band (charismatic band) this yr. The use of the gospel band adds flavor to the procession . Proudly catholic and a parishioner of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church Coker. All glory to God and Kudos to Our able parish Priest and his brother priests.