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The feast of saints Monica and Augustine

27.08.2019 in Augustinians

The Month of August is truly Augustinian, a Month the Augustinian family, with great excitement, joins the universal Church to specially celebrate the feasts of St. Monica (27th) and her son St. Augustine (28th). The amazing story of a mother and son’s journey to sainthood...

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The message from the rose flower

28.11.2018 in Augustinians

One cannot help but continually reflect on the story of St. Rita of Cascia and her miraculous rose flower, an event that is indeed an amazing testimony of her holiness and God’s love for her. The miracle of the rose flower from her family garden...

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An amazing joy of silence

30.04.2018 in Augustinians

In the spirit of St. Augustine, our holy father, we, the Augustinians of the 21st century, continue to promote the necessity of the inward journey. It is not about running away from the world but going into oneself to rediscover who we are, our relationship...

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Looking beyond the vows

18.12.2017 in Augustinians

Both the male and female religious in the Catholic Church are known to live a vowed life; they vow to live a life of poverty, chastity, and obedience. A vow, by its very nature, binds us to something, and in the case of the religious,...

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St. Augustine’s College, Oghara

15.09.2017 in Augustinians

The 14th day of September is a day set aside by the Catholic Church to celebrate the power, the exaltation, and the victory of the cross. Celebrating achievement is an exciting thing to do, and that was the mood at Oghara yesterday (14th September 2017), the...

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The cincture as part of the Augustinian habit

11.09.2017 in Augustinians

Augustinians are men and women who dedicated their lives to following Christ in the spirit of St. Augustine, calling nothing their own but posses everything in common like the early Christian community. The Augustinians are easily recognizable by their habit. The Augustinian habit is...


Our Lady, Mother of good counsel devotion

26.04.2017 in Augustinians, Mater Dei

Today, the 26 of April, the Augustinians worldwide celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary's feast, Mother of good counsel. We celebrate especially in Nigeria today (26 April 2017)because we formally inaugurate the devotion in all our parishes. The Blessed Virgin Mary is honored in the Church with...


Eco-preservation: Part of our 2017 Mission

02.01.2017 in Augustinians

The world and its fullness are God’s creation; everything he created was good. “And God said, ‘Let the earth put forth vegetation, plant yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind, upon the earth,’ and it...

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Rediscovering the Augustinian identity

26.12.2016 in Augustinians

From February 2nd to February 6th, 2015, the Augustinian Federation of Africa converged with one mind and one heart at Cotonou. It was a great gathering indeed as we spoke to ourselves about our chosen way of life. Rev. Fr. Kolawole Chabi (O.S.A.) of the...

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Augustinian communities in Nigeria

30.11.2016 in Augustinians

(Updated on 24 Dec. 2020) Saint Monica’s parish, Rantya 1. Fr. Raymond Hickey 2. Fr. Fredrick Wukari 3.James Voviyere – Secretary 4. Very Rev. Fr. Anthony I. Kanu – Prior Provincial Saint Rita Retreat Centre, River Park Estate 1. Fr. Emmanuel Patrick- 2. Fr. John Okafor 3. Fr. Emeka Obiezu 4. Fr. Bartholomew Chidili Saint Paul,...


Augustinian saints/Blessed and their feast days

03.10.2016 in Augustinians

January • January 3 – St. Fulgentius • January 4 – Bl. Christine of the Holy Cross • January 8 – Bl. Hugh of Gualdo Cattaneo • January 13 – Bl. Veronica of Binasco • January 18 – Bl. Christine of l'Aquila • January 23 – Bl. Josephine Marry of Beniganim • January 29 – Bl. Anthony of Amandola February • February...


The intermediate general chapter

30.09.2016 in Augustinians

The Augustinians worldwide gathered in Nigeria to celebrate the intermediate general chapter of the Order. It was almost two whole weeks celebration which started on 18th September 2016 to 30th September 2016. The Augustinian Province of St. Augustine of Nigeria gladly and proudly hosted the...

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The Augustinians in Nigeria meet again

13.09.2016 in Augustinians

The Augustinian friars of the province of St. Augustine of Nigeria came together once again with one mind and one heart for the 5th ordinary provincial chapter, which was convoked by the prior provincial, Very Rev. Fr. Abubakar John O.S.A. A provincial chapter is the official...


Mother and child

29.08.2016 in Augustinians, Mater Dei

The divine command to honour our parents binds not only the children; I feel it has some binding force on the parents. This may be heavily subjective, but my feeling that one has to be honourable to be honoured is solid. Don't get me wrong,...


Saint of the impossible

22.08.2016 in Augustinians

St. Rita of Cascia, the saint of the impossible cases, is widely honored in the Catholic Church, particularly among the Augustinians; she is my favorite. She is popularly called Mama Rita in Nigeria. There are so many things to be said about this Italian widow, a...

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Looking back in the religious life

08.08.2016 in Augustinians

Living a religious life can be very interesting; it is sometimes lovely and sometimes frustrating, but that is life in general anyway. It is full of ups and downs, but the journey must continue; he who endures to the end will surely be crowned with...

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The vow of celibacy

27.06.2016 in Augustinians

Like other religious congregations, the Augustinians make three vows; the vows of poverty, obedience, and chastity (in celibacy). We manifest; we express our life of consecration to God through these religious vows. "We undertake the vows of chastity for the sake of the kingdom of...

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An Augustinian friar (O.S.A)

26.04.2016 in Augustinians

An Augustinian friar is a Catholic who follows Christ Jesus in the Augustinian spirit and is affiliated to the Order of St. Augustine. Though he is a member of the Augustinian family worldwide, he must be of a particular circumscription. So, we talk about the...


Augustinians and the move for peace

25.02.2016 in Augustinians

It is no longer news for one to hear that the religious crises that almost destroyed the northern part of Nigeria have left the two main religions in Nigeria (Christianity and Islam) suspicious of each other. So many groups and individuals in their own ways...

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Pope Benedict xvi on St. Augustine

14.12.2015 in Augustinians

I published something about St. Augustine's biography on this blog, but it is interesting to read what the pope says about this great son of the Church. The Pope gave this talk in a general audience on Wednesday, 30 January 2008 right inside Paul vi...

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Solemn Profession of Vows 2015

14.11.2015 in Augustinians

The growth in the Augustinian province of  St. Augustine of Nigeria in the last few years is unprecedented; we have continued to enjoy and celebrate the abundance of harvest by the grace of God. We cannot but thank God for directing the work of our...


The one big Augustinian family

12.10.2015 in Augustinians

The Augustinian family is a very large, beautiful, and interesting one. I did not really know much about this family's size and beauty until I became part of it, and since then, I have not for one day regretted my decision. Life with the brothers...


An Augustinian house

14.09.2015 in Augustinians

A house for the Augustinians is far more than just a building made to live in. yes, laying bricks on top of each other with a roof on top does not define what a house means to us as Augustinians. The brothers or the friars...


The feast of St. Augustine

28.08.2015 in Augustinians, Events

August 28 will ever remain a joyous one in the life of the Order of St. Augustine; it is the birthday of our holy father Augustine into heaven. The Church celebrates the feast of a saint on the day he or she died; St. Augustine...


National pilgrimage of the Pious Union

23.08.2015 in Augustinians, Events

The Pious Union of St. Rita of Cascia in the province of St. Augustine of Nigeria celebrated her national feast and pilgrimage at Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, South East of Nigeria. It was a three days celebration; August 21-23, 2015. The Catholic bishop of the diocese...


Provincial Retreat

14.08.2015 in Augustinians

The Augustinians of the Province of St. Augustine of Nigeria came together in Jos for a retreat with the theme; rediscovering our Augustinian identity. It was also an opportunity for us to come together in celebration of the year of consecrated life. The arrival was...


Our educational apostolate

10.08.2015 in Augustinians

The Order of St. Augustine in the Catholic Church is traditionally interested in the educational apostolate; this should not surprise anyone because our holy father, St. Augustine, was an intellectual and a teacher. In the spirit of St. Augustine, we, the Augustinians, serve the Church...


The vow of religious poverty

06.07.2015 in Augustinians

Talking about religious poverty reminds me of a question somebody once asked me; are there different kinds of priests in the Catholic Church? I did not hesitate to answer no. I answered no, not because I did not get exactly what he was trying to...


Boko Haram and our faith

05.06.2015 in Augustinians

Boko Haram has become a household name in Nigeria and, in fact, the world. It is a terrorist group that has terrorized Nigeria and its neighboring countries. This terrorism has set Nigeria backward, especially in the northeastern part. It's painful to know that many...


Augustinian charism

19.05.2015 in Augustinians

"Charism," in religious life refers to the special character, mission, and identity of a particular religious group. Each religious order or congregation is identified or known for a specific way of life and mission,  their charism. A particular religious group may have the promotion of...

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The Augustinian emblem

27.04.2015 in Augustinians

The Augustinian emblem or logo is simple, beautiful, and meaningful. It tells the story of who the Augustinians are; the followers of Christ Jesus in the spirit of St. Augustine. The emblem, as shown on the top left of this article, is an open book that...


The biography of St. Augustine

23.04.2015 in Augustinians

St. Augustine, a great Son of Africa, a theologian, a philosopher, an intellectual icon, a man of God, and the pride of the Catholic Church was born on November 13, 354. He was born in the town of Thagaste in the northern part of Africa,...

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Life in the Monastery

24.03.2015 in Augustinians

Written by Fr. Julius Onuoha (O.S.A.)At the mention of the word monastery, several funny images becloud the minds of many people. For some people, it is the image of a very lonely and quiet place where people don’t even talk or laugh with each other. For...


The Augustinians

14.03.2015 in Augustinians

The Augustinians are men and women who follow God in the spirituality of St. Augustine. St. Augustine needs no further introduction, especially to Church History, Philosophy, and Theology students. Augustine was a scholar born in 354 AD in the North African town of Thagaste, He...

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