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Mater Dei

The favoured one

24.12.2020 in Mater Dei

The reality of divine favour is incontestable; the scripture holds the records of divine blessing and favour upon individuals, groups, and families of different eras of biblical times and even today. Of all those divinely blessed and favoured, none is like the Blessed Virgin Mary....

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The most beautiful woman

28.09.2019 in Mater Dei

Beauty may be a combination of stuff that stimulates the pleasure of the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. But her beauty surpasses what the ordinary eye alone can grasp to connect to Saint Paul’s walk in the spirit, for we walk by faith, not by...

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The priceless Gift from the cross

29.08.2019 in Mater Dei

It is almost a universally accepted feeling that a dying person's wish carries some level of importance. That explains how significantly important Jesus’ giving of his Mother to John was to him in his last moments on the cross. In whatever way you think appropriate...

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Her queenship points to our identity

23.08.2019 in Mater Dei

The Catholic Church teaches and celebrates the Blessed Virgin Mary's queen-ship, which flows from the kingship of Jesus Christ. This certainly provokes the spirit of protest in many none Catholics who reject and insist on the doctrine's none biblical nature. Mary is the Mother and...

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Holy Mary; the spouse of the Holy Spirit.

25.03.2019 in Mater Dei

Today we celebrate the solemnity of the annunciation of the Lord, a celebration that echos how close God is to us, especially to the Blessed Virgin Mary who became his souse. The Catholic Church has given so many devotional titles to the Blessed Virgin Mary, many...

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Non-Catholics and the holy rosary

30.07.2018 in Mater Dei

Has any traditional Catholic made heaven? This question may sound so crazy or even childish, especially when it's coming from a Catholic priest. But I had to think aloud in response to the antagonistic tendencies of some Christians who spend so much of their time...

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The Blessed Virgine Mary at every Mass

28.06.2018 in Mater Dei

That the Blessed Virgine Mary attends every Mass sound so weird; really a very strange way of thinking, you may say. Before I continue, it good I let you know that this is not an official doctrine of the Catholic Church, as far as I...

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The Sorrowful and Most Powerful Mother

24.04.2018 in Mater Dei

The season of Easter is no doubt a joyous one, a season we especially glory in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the victory we have in him. The crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ certainly changed the pre-resurrection meaning of the cross, but...



05.02.2018 in Mater Dei

One of the devil's biggest tricks is to make you believe that he doesn’t exist; he makes you feel that the stories you hear about him and his demons are just imaginations of people. And many Christians have fallen to these satanic tricks and lies. The...

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A call for re-dedication

01.10.2017 in Mater Dei

The Catholic Church in Nigeria joins every Nigerian to celebrate the nation's 57th independence anniversary. There may be no much to celebrate today, but our hopes must not be quenched. On this day, the Catholic Church in Nigeria, especially prays and re-dedicated our Country, Nigeria, to the Blessed Virgin...

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The Blessed Virgin Mary and the color blue

21.08.2017 in Mater Dei

I've had the opportunity to talk to people, especially to none Catholics about Catholic worship. Our liturgy has a lot of signs and symbols, and it is very important that you understand these signs and symbols to flow with us. Lack of proper understanding of...

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A Woman Like No Other.

08.05.2017 in Mater Dei

I am so much in love with this woman, an amazing Virgin, and Mother. She is the Catholic Church's pride, the queen of all hearts, the Mother of her own saviour, and the Mother of her own redeemer. She is Our Lady of Fatima, the...

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Our Lady, Mother of good counsel devotion

26.04.2017 in Augustinians, Mater Dei

Today, the 26 of April, the Augustinians worldwide celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary's feast, Mother of good counsel. We celebrate especially in Nigeria today (26 April 2017)because we formally inaugurate the devotion in all our parishes. The Blessed Virgin Mary is honored in the Church with...


The four Marian Dogmas

05.04.2017 in Mater Dei

There are four dogmas stating Mary's personal relationship with God and her role in human salvation. 1) Divine Motherhood Mary's divine motherhood was proclaimed at the Council of Ephesus in 431. Various names are used to describe Mary's role as mother of Jesus. She is called "Mother of God" which translates...

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Why we should pray the rosary.

13.02.2017 in Mater Dei

The Catholic Church does not joke with the holy rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary; we are so proud of it not just because it is Catholic but more importantly because it is a powerful prayer. It is a prayer that meditatively leads you through...

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Understanding Catholic Devotion to Mary

30.01.2017 in Mater Dei

This beautiful article was written to help us understand the Catholic Devotion to Mary is rich, and Thomas Merton writes it and first published by Catholic Online. I came across it, and I feel you should read it; God bless the Catholic Church. This is often...

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Mary must be honoured

07.11.2016 in Mater Dei

With a great sense of pride, the Catholic Church honour the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. A few people may be tempted to honour her simply because the Church honours her, but we need to ask why the Church ranks...

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Mother and child

29.08.2016 in Augustinians, Mater Dei

The divine command to honour our parents binds not only the children; I feel it has some binding force on the parents. This may be heavily subjective, but my feeling that one has to be honourable to be honoured is solid. Don't get me wrong,...


Virgin Mary: The first disciple of Jesus Christ

06.06.2016 in Mater Dei

Sometimes people feel that the Catholic Church overemphasize or even event somethings about the Blessed Virgin Mary; that was how the young Catholic who confronted me with the question about Mary's discipleship felt. She had no problem with Mary, nor with the Church's devotion to...


The Most Powerful Woman

23.05.2016 in Mater Dei

When the title the most powerful woman is mentioned, our minds may immediately go to the first lady of the United States of America (Michelle Obama), we may think of Melinda Gates, Hillary Clinton, and a host of others. The Blessed Virgin Mary may never...

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Satan and the Blessed Virgin Mary

11.04.2016 in Mater Dei

Satan does not only hate the Blessed Virgin Mary; he also fears her a lot. They are great enemies, just as he the devil is a great enemy to all Mary's children. I call their enmity a great one because God himself put that enmity...


The Rosary in the Bible

21.12.2015 in Mater Dei

Many none-Catholics are so interested in what the Catholic Church teaches about certain things; they want to know what the Church says. The effort put into trying to know the mind of the Church to best criticize and discredit her goes a long way to...


The Immaculate Conception of Mary

07.12.2015 in Mater Dei

The immaculate conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary is sometimes confused by some; it is the conception of Mary in the womb of her own mother, Saint Anne. Some people confuse it for the conception of Jesus Christ in the womb of the Blessed Virgin...


Virgin Mary Co-Mediatrix

30.11.2015 in Mater Dei

The Catholic Church has so many titles for the most beautiful and wonderful woman God ever created, the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am so proud of these titles, even though we cannot give her enough. One of the titles is "Co-Mediatrix." This particular title sounds...


The death and Assumption of Mary

23.11.2015 in Mater Dei

Many things that have to do with the Blessed Virgin Mary are controversial to many of our none Catholic brothers and sisters; even some very few Catholics get confused some times. The Catholic Church is not guided by the spirit of confusion but by the...


The queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

24.09.2015 in Mater Dei

One of the titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary is "queen of heaven." The Catholic Church proudly calls her the queen of heaven despite the contrary arguments and personal opinions flying around. The Blessed Virgin Mary's place in the Catholic Church is uncontestable; she is...


The Virgin Mary in the Koran

07.09.2015 in Mater Dei

The Catholic doctrines on the Blessed Virgin Mary often make our none Catholic Christian brothers and sisters very uncomfortable. They disagree with so many things we as Catholics say about our wonderful mother, Mary. More surprising is the reaction of some very few misguided Catholics...

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The Angelus

05.07.2015 in Mater Dei

In a particular Catholic Parish, a big Church bell was install not too long ago that goes off at 6 am, 12 pm, and 6 pm, respectively. At its sound, a lot of people admired it and wondered what it met, especially the young ones....

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Mary the Ark of the New Covenant

09.06.2015 in Mater Dei

Honouring people with titles is something found in almost every culture. The Church also has a way of elevating people and honouring them, but of all those honoured and given titles in the Church, none is like the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus...

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Perpetual Virginity of Mary

31.05.2015 in Mater Dei

The perpetual virginity of the blessed virgin Mary has remained controversial to many Christians, especially the none Catholics. Even some very few Catholics cannot really explain their faith; they get confused when challenged to explain it. Our none catholic friends often ask us to show...


Is Mary worthy of our praises and honour?

16.02.2015 in Mater Dei

As part of our Parish preparation to celebrate Our Lady of Lourdes' feast, we had three days of prayer sections. During these days, guest speakers were invited to give talks, and I gave talks. I spoke on the topic; is Mary worthy of our praises...

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The mysteries of the Rosary: Part 4

14.02.2015 in Mater Dei

THE FIVE GLORIOUS MYSTERIES OF THE ROSARY As the name suggests, the five glorious mysteries of the Holy Rosary leads us into reflections over the glory that followed the sorrowful Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. His suffering and death was not the end of the...

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Our Lady of Lourdes

12.02.2015 in Events, Mater Dei

The Church celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes on February 11. This feast commemorates the Blessed Virgin Mary's apparition to Bernadette Soubirous on the 11 of February 1858. That apparition in Lourdes, a village in France, began a series of Virgin Mary apparitions...


The mysteries of the Rosary : part 3

04.02.2015 in Mater Dei

THE FIVE SORROWFUL MYSTERIES The sorrowful mysteries of the rosary leads us to reflect on our Lord Jesus Christ, the reason for his birth. Jesus was born to suffer and die so that we may have eternal life. The five sorrowful mysteries of the rosary take...

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The mysteries of the Rosary : part 2

28.01.2015 in Mater Dei

THE FIVE MYSTERIES OF LIGHT:In part 1, we looked at the five joyful mysteries; in part 2, we shall reflect together on the mysteries of light. The five mysteries of Light highlights the life and ministry of Jesus; it is an exposition of the identity,...

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The mysteries of the Rosary: part 1

24.01.2015 in Mater Dei

Looking at the mysteries of the Rosary closely, you would observe that they are more of Jesus than Mary. Though I have no problem even if they are more of Mary because she deserves all the honour, we Catholics honour her with pride. The Holy Rosary...

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How I pray the Rosary

14.01.2015 in Mater Dei

Often I hear some Catholics say they pray the Rosary within 15 minutes; I wonder how? You may agree that it is possible; yes, it is possible, but it depends on how you pray. Remember, it is a prayer, and prayer is more than mere...

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Our devotion to the blessed virgin Mary

14.01.2015 in Mater Dei

Our devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary occupies an extraordinary place in the Catholic tradition. For none Catholics this devotion is controversial, but for us Catholics, it is special. Before I explain the Catholic doctrine and practice regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary, let me state two...

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The holy Rosary

12.01.2015 in Mater Dei

 The Holy Rosary is a form of devotion in the holy Catholic Church; it is a devotion that is held in high esteem. Some persons question the relevance of this devotion, while others see it as a form of idolatry, but for us Catholics, it...

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