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Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN)

19.09.2017 in Doctrines, Events

OUR HOPE IN DESPAIR: TOWARDS NATIONAL   RESTORATION A Communiqué issued at the End of Second Plenary Meeting of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) at St. Charles Borromeo Pastoral Centre, Jalingo, Taraba State, 7-15 September 2017. 1. PREAMBLE: We, the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria, held our...

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The Sacred Heart of Jesus; abyss of all virtues

15.05.2017 in Events

Two days ago, I was invited by members of the Association of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary to talk to them about the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the abyss of all virtues. It was at St. Charles' Parish, Apapa,...


Sabbath and the work of God

29.03.2017 in Events

The relationship between Sabbath and Sunday has been an issue among very few Christians, even though many who have no issue with it do not really know much about this relationship. I posted an article about this relationship some time ago; I don’t intend to...

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The length of Lent

13.03.2017 in Events

Many other Christian denominations are beginning to do some of those things they condemned in Catholicism in recent times. I have seen some of them trying to do something similar to the Catholic Eucharistic celebration, which has been the center of our worship as Catholics;....

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Ashes for beauty!

01.03.2017 in Events

Every Catholic on Ash Wednesday is signed or wears ashes on the forehead to mark the beginning of the Lenten season and a call to repentance. It is an unusual make-up that beautifies the mind and not the face, an ancient tradition in the Mother...

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Lenten season!

27.02.2017 in Events

The Catholic Church once again is about to begin the Lenten season, the season of amazing grace. The Lenten season for 2017 begins on Wednesday, the first day of March, to Holy Saturday ( 15th April 2017 ). The whole Church will keep vigil with...

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Our Parish declaration for the year 2017.

15.01.2017 in Events

As a parish community, we have decided with faith to declare the year 2017 as our year of Divine Settlement. Our prayer is that God Almighty settles every case against us, physical or spiritual in our favor. Tap therefore into this and pray along with...

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The Church and women

28.11.2016 in Events

A week ago, I had the opportunity to spend some precious moments with my parish women in preparation for the parish women's conference. It was enriching and reassuring as I spoke on the topic; the Church and women. Below is the summary of the talk...


The end of the extraordinary jubilee year of mercy

21.11.2016 in Events

The holy father, Pope Francis, declared the extraordinary jubilee year of mercy, which just ended yesterday ( 8 December 2015 to 20 November 2016). It was a year of grace, a year of sober reflections on the mercy of God and our expected response to...

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The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos celebrates

18.09.2016 in Events

His Grace, Most Rev. (Dr) Alfred Adewale Martins, the Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, celebrates his 33rd priestly ordination anniversary with his classmates today (September 18, 2016). Eight of them were admitted into the seminary many years ago, and eight of them are...

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The door of mercy

24.02.2016 in Doctrines, Events

The word "door" is not strange to us; both the rich and the poor have in homes irrespective of the esthetic difference. The door is the rightful way into a house compared to the window. When one passes through it, they are either going in...


Archdiocesan Get-together

29.12.2015 in Events

Most times, priests and religious are seen as supper human, far removed from ordinary life. Yet, they are human, taken from among humans. Though it is very true that by their priestly ordination and religious consecration, they are set apart, they are still in the...

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The meaning of the jubilee year of mercy

28.12.2015 in Events

The year 2016 as the jubilee year of mercy is no longer new to the catholic world. Every Catholic now knows that the Pope has declared the year 2016 as the year of mercy; however, not so many may know what it entails. So, Joshua...

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Christmas Carol of Divine liberation

06.12.2015 in Events

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Coker, Nigeria, came together today for Christmas Carol of nine lessons tagged "Carol of Divine liberation." It was so tagged because the Parish declared the year 2015 as the year of Divine liberation. The Parish Christmas Carol of  Divine liberation...

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Closing Mass of the synod on the family

25.10.2015 in Events

We thank God as the synod on the family came to a close today with the Holy Mass celebrated by Pope Francis at St. peter's basilica, Rome. The synod focused on the family and the mercy of God which the Church is called to reflect...

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The synod of bishops (To save the family)

04.10.2015 in Events

In recent times, Pope Francis has laid emphasis on the family life, a very vital organ of the Church and to the society at large; it is the "first Church." The family and the institution of marriage is been threatened today by all kinds of...

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Message for World Mission Sunday 2015

21.09.2015 in Events

The Catholic Church decided some years ago to be reminding herself of the need to constantly renew her commitments to evangelize the world. The world mission Sunday which is celebrated in October every year is the day set aside by the Church for this remembrance,...

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Parish Family Carnival

30.08.2015 in Events

As part of our  parish preparation for the celebration of the yearly harvest thanksgiving, the parish organized a family carnival today (August 30) to bring every family in the parish together in celebration. The family remains vital to the Church, it is the first place...


The feast of St. Augustine

28.08.2015 in Augustinians, Events

August 28 will ever remain a joyous one in the life of the Order of St. Augustine; it is the birthday of our holy father Augustine into heaven. The Church celebrates the feast of a saint on the day he or she died; St. Augustine...


National pilgrimage of the Pious Union

23.08.2015 in Augustinians, Events

The Pious Union of St. Rita of Cascia in the province of St. Augustine of Nigeria celebrated her national feast and pilgrimage at Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, South East of Nigeria. It was a three days celebration; August 21-23, 2015. The Catholic bishop of the diocese...


Ordination anniversary

16.07.2015 in Events

For the Augustinians of the Province of St. Augustine of Nigeria, the Month of July is significant. Many of us were ordained this Month for the glory of God, for the Augustinian family and for the whole Church. We thank and appreciate God for the...


The solemnity of SS Peter and Paul

29.06.2015 in Events

The holy father, Pope Francis, today celebrated the Holy Mass to mark the solemnity of SS Peter and Paul, the two main patrons of the Church of Rome. During this Mass, 43 Archbishops from different parts of the world were conferred with Palliums. A Pallium...

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Priestley ordination 2015

26.06.2015 in Events

On the 27th Of December 2014, six of our Augustinian brothers: Imaji Peter O.S.A., Ukabiala Paulinus O.S.A., Oyudo Jude O.S.A., Shekari Jonah O.S.A., Ojiaku Peter O.S.A. and Onuoha Julius O.S.A. were ordained deacons. Today, the 25th day of June, 2015, the Augustinian family in Nigeria...

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Father’s day celebration

31.05.2015 in Events

The C.M.O. (Catholic Men organization ) of my parish celebrated father's day today. The day started with the Holy Mass, thanking God for the gift of fatherhood and prayed for the strength and wisdom to carry on the responsibilities of a father. They spiritually prepared...

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How beautiful!

15.05.2015 in Events

I saw this beautiful picture and it led me into meditations immediately. I do not know how long I gazed at it but all the staring eyes around me made me realize that I was out of my body. Wow! You may exclaim and ask;...


Youth Week Celebration!

03.05.2015 in Events

The youth are celebrated in the Catholic Church, especially in Nigeria under the name Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria (C.Y.O.N.). In our Parish, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Lagos, Nigeria, the youth had a whole week dedicated to them to celebrate the youth week themed...

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The virtue of silence

09.04.2015 in Events

The Divine mercy novena started on good Friday and like every other parishes we have been observing it in our parish, Our Lady of Lourdes, Lagos, Nigeria. In our parish, apart from the novena prayers, guest speakers are invited to give talks on some selected...

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Galilee day celebration

06.04.2015 in Events

The celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead continues and for ever. Yesterday, Easter Sunday, the whole Church specially celebrated this victory over death. It is a celebration that should continue in the life of every Christian. Today, Easter Monday, the Church of...


Chrism Mass

31.03.2015 in Events, Sacraments

The Catholic family celebrates the Chrism Mass during the holy week; though the day for this celebration differs from dioceses, it must however be celebrated within the holy week and not later than holy Thursday. In Lagos Archdiocese, Nigeria, the Priests gathered around the Bishop,...

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The Saints

27.03.2015 in Events

Last night, the entire parishioners of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Parish, Lagos, Nigeria, came together to invoke the intercessions of the saints in heaven. Together we celebrated the joy of our communion with the Church triumphant and the suffering Church. It was a night...


Bishop Malachi is buried

26.03.2015 in Events

Still unbelievable, still very shocking but he is buried. The late bishop of Bauchi diocese, Malachi John, was buried today. He died after a brief illness last week. Bishops, Priests and lay faithful all gathered to pray for the peaceful rest of the Soul of...


Veiling of the cross

25.03.2015 in Doctrines, Events

We celebrated the Fifth Sunday of Lent three days ago, a Sunday that marks the beginning of the Passiontide and not passion Sunday. From the Fifth Sunday of Lent, the crosses and all other images and pictures of saints are veiled with a piece of...


Rest in peace

21.03.2015 in Events

Shocking! very sad but a reality. Yes, the young and ebullient Catholic bishop of Bauchi diocese is no more. Bishop Malachi John died very early this morning (21-3-2015) after a brief illness. May his Soul rest in peace. Information reaching us from Bauchi says the late...

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Tragedy struck

19.03.2015 in Events

On Wednesday the 18th day of March, 2015, Augustinians from different parts of Nigeria gathered at Shendam in Plateau State to bury the Mother of one of our Augustinian brothers; Rev. Fr. Peter Maigari O.S.A. We all arrived Jos the State Capital safely the previous...


Ash Wednesday

17.02.2015 in Events

Tomorrow is ash Wednesday and it marks the beginning of the season of Lent. Lent is a season of penance, season of fasting and reflection in preparation to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.                                    The ashes distributed on ash Wednesday...


Our Lady of Lourdes

12.02.2015 in Events, Mater Dei

The Church celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes on February 11. This feast commemorates the Blessed Virgin Mary's apparition to Bernadette Soubirous on the 11 of February 1858. That apparition in Lourdes, a village in France, began a series of Virgin Mary apparitions...


The installation of bishop Donatus

31.01.2015 in Events

The Augustinian family and in particular the province of St. Augustine of Nigeria greatly thank God and rejoice with our brother, bishop Donatus Ogun O.S.A., the newly installed bishop of Uromi diocese. He was installed today as the bishop of Uromi diocese; in attendance were...

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Bishop James is buried

29.01.2015 in Events

The late bishop James Daman O.S.A. was buried today. Bishops and Priests together with the lay faithful gathered to offer Mass for the repose of his Soul. May God grant him eternal rest, amen....

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The wonders of God in nature

25.01.2015 in Events

Have you ever tried to see the hands of God at work in nature? Have you seen his beauty displayed in nature? Its wonderful! My Nigerian Augustinian brother priest working and schooling in Chicago, U.S.A.; Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Thliza O.S.A, has this to say about the...

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The late bishop James O.S.A.

23.01.2015 in Events

The prior Provincial of the Augustinian Province of St. Augustine of Nigeria, directed all Augustinian Communities in Nigeria to offer Mass for the Soul of the late bishop James Daman O.S.A, who died on the 12th of January, 2015. The late bishop until death was the bishop...

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The year of consecrated life

15.01.2015 in Events

Our holy Father, Pope Francis has declared this year as the year of the consecrated life. The year as declared by the Pope started on the 30th of November 2014 to February 2nd, 2016. This is the year we as Catholics are to specially appreciate...

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God in Las Vagas

14.01.2015 in Events

The name Las Vegas attracts negative reactions from most people, it is a city of sin for them. But my brother Priest celebrated the Christmas and the New Year in this city and he said;  "In as much as it is a nice place for holidays and...

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Ordination! Ordination!!

01.01.2015 in Events

We, the Augustinian Family in Nigeria (The Province of St. Augustine of Nigeria) thank God and congratulate our five Augustinian brothers and a diocesan of the diocese of Bauchi who were  ordained deacons on the 28 of December, 2014. They were ordained by bishop Malachy...

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