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22.01.2018 in Doctrines, Sacraments

I have being asked a particular question severally, a question I find disturbing, un-Catholic and in fact unchristian. They asked; at what point in the Mass is it considered late or sinful to join? Many of those who ask this question expects a very specific...


The Catholic priesthood

07.08.2017 in Sacraments

The media recently reported the resignation of an ordained Catholic Priest who has served God faithfully through the priestly ministry for some good years. I cannot help but appreciate the services he rendered as a priest, especially for the souls he must have brought to...


The holy hour

20.02.2017 in Sacraments

The life of the Catholic Church is centered round the Holy Eucharist, it defines us and gives us our identity. The Eucharistic presence of Christ is an amazing gift of Christ himself, and Eucharistic adoration is part of our lives as Catholics. Most times you hear...


The Eucharist is a once and for all sacrifice

17.10.2016 in Sacraments

The Eucharist is a sacrifice, a sacrifice made once and for all by our Lord Jesus Christ. Not like the sacrifice of old offered by the priests of the Old covenant, no. Jesus offered himself once and for all for the salvation of man. The Eucharist...

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The skull cap

19.09.2016 in Sacraments

About a week ago I shared a post titled symbols of the office of the Catholic bishop. And one of my readers observed that something was missing, it was the small round fitting cap worn by the  Catholic bishops. She put a call through to...

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Symbols of the office of the Catholic bishop

12.09.2016 in Sacraments

I came across this write-up on the internet, its about the full regalia of the Catholic Bishop. I feel is worth sharing, enjoy your reading. Bishops wear certain regalia which are distinctive of the Order of Bishop, the fullness of the Sacrament of Holy Orders -...

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Can a lay man distribute holy communion?

15.08.2016 in Sacraments

I have observed in some parishes just as you may have, that at Mass during the distribution of the Holy Communion where lay people are involved in the distribution, some communicants deliberately switch lines to avoid receiving the holy communion from the lay persons. Some...

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Symbolism and Catholicism

25.07.2016 in Doctrines, Sacraments

That Catholic liturgy is full of symbolism is not an exaggeration, but symbolism with meaningful explanation. I don't really want to go into details about symbolism in general but to simply limit myself to the symbols on Chasubles. The Chasuble is the outer garment the Catholic...


Sacramentals in the Church

28.01.2016 in Sacraments

The word sacramental is so very familiar to Catholics, it is a word we hear almost daily. Very familiar as it may be, so many Catholics confuse it for what it is not. This confusion is two-dimensional; the misunderstanding of what it is and the...


The Holy Eucharist as a meal

23.01.2016 in Sacraments

The sacrament of the Holy Eucharist is the center of our worship as Catholics, everything we do revolves round this sacrament. If the Eucharistic table (The altar) is taken out of the Catholic Church, then it is as good as changing the name of the...

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Pope Francis challenges us again

11.01.2016 in Sacraments

Pope Francis in the traditional Angelus audience appeared before the world yesterday in St. Peter's Square, to challenge us once again. Yesterday the whole Church celebrated the feast of the baptism of the Lord, and before the Angelus the Pope reminded every Catholic and in...

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The Church and the use of incense

16.11.2015 in Sacraments

Certain things about our way of worship in the Catholic Church appears so amazing, yet some none Catholics and even some few Catholics have no idea of how to explain or defend it in case they are asked, the use of incense in our liturgy...


The Church and same-sex marriage

09.11.2015 in Sacraments

Some of my parishioners have asked me severally if the Catholic Church has accepted same-sex marriage. When they asked this question, I listened not only to the words of their mouth but also the meditations of their heart. Yes; don't misunderstand me, I am not...


Sacraments and Salvation

19.10.2015 in Sacraments

The question about the necessity of the Sacraments for salvation has been asked by some people, they asked; do we need the sacraments to gain salvation? This is a question mostly asked by our none Catholic brethren, the reason for the question does not...

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The Sacrament of matrimony

24.08.2015 in Sacraments

Marriage in all cultures is a common practice, I am yet to see or hear about any culture where marriage is forbidden. Marriage is a natural institution instituted by God from the very beginning, it is the union of a man and a wife. Then...


Prostration at ordination

27.07.2015 in Sacraments

Have you ever attended the ordination of a Catholic priest? It is an amazing ceremony that always lead me into deep meditation, even though we are sometimes distracted and carried away by the social celebration of this great mystery. At the ordination ceremony, you just...


The Blood of Jesus Christ

10.07.2015 in Sacraments

I was going through Catholic Herald, one of the popular Catholic magazines and I found an article written by Mary O'Regan about the need to constantly venerate and offer the blood of Jesus Christ for our sins and those of the whole world. She titled...

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Liturgical Vessels

04.05.2015 in Sacraments

Liturgical vessels are those consecrated items or utensils used during liturgical ceremonies, especially at Mass. The use of these vessels are dated back into "biblical times," both Old and the New Testament. The bible may not have used the word liturgical vessels but it did...

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Liturgical colours

28.04.2015 in Sacraments

In my previous post I focused on the liturgical vestments, but here I want to look at the liturgical colours. You would have observed that in the Catholic Church, colours are very important, they are symbolic and expresses the season and nature of a particular...


Vestments for holy Mass

17.04.2015 in Sacraments

The Catholic Church is such a rich Church! Yes, but don't get me wrong. I mean, the Church is so blessed with so much heritage; highly ritualistic to the extent that people misunderstand our faith for idolatry. Anyone who understands the traditional, ritualistic, sacramental and symbolic...


Chrism Mass

31.03.2015 in Events, Sacraments

The Catholic family celebrates the Chrism Mass during the holy week, though the day for this celebration differs from dioceses it must however be celebrated within the holy week and not later than holy Thursday. In Lagos Archdiocese, Nigeria, the Priests gathered round the Bishop,...

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The Sacrament of confirmation

13.03.2015 in Sacraments

The sacrament of Confirmation is a sacrament many Catholics do not really take very serious, yet it remained a very important one in the Church. We see this lack of seriousness in the number of adults in the Church that are not confirmed and are...

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Anointing of the sick

08.03.2015 in Sacraments

My door bell once rang and it was a sick call, a sick parishioner in the hospital needed the attention of a Priest. I was there without wasting time to pray and anoint the sick person but the expression on the face of the sick...

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Sacrament and Sacramentals

04.03.2015 in Sacraments

Every Catholic is so used to these words; "Sacraments" and "Sacramentals." Some even use it interchangeably which makes me wonder if actually we know the difference. I don't intend to explain the difference in this post but simply to throw it out to any Catholic...

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Infant baptism

23.02.2015 in Doctrines, Sacraments

Have you ever been asked as a Catholic why you baptize infants in your Church? A friend confronted me with this question and I answered him with a question; what is baptism? Anyone with a good understanding of what baptism is will not question infant...

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The Sacrament of reconciliation

20.02.2015 in Sacraments

The Catholic Church believes that only God can forgive sins, man has no power to do that. By the power of his death and resurrection, Jesus saved us from the power of sin. Only by his blood shall our sins be washed away; he is...


The holy Eucharist ( The Mass)

05.02.2015 in Sacraments

The Holy Mass is the greatest of all sacrifices; a beautiful prayer. It is an invitation to participate in the Lord’s Supper and a unique experience of the divine at the foot of the cross. The Holy Mass is God’s gift of love, the gift...

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03.01.2015 in Sacraments

All you need to know about the sacraments and how Jesus blessed and nourishes his people through it....