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December 2019

Homily For New Year (2020)

31.12.2019 in Sermons

It is with a grateful heart I stand before you all to thank God for the amazing blessing of this New Year, God is indeed merciful to let us be counted among the living. To him be glory forever. God did not create us...

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Homily for New Year Vigil

30.12.2019 in Sermons

In the ancient Roman religion was a god believed to be called Janus, it was a conviction among the people of the time that Janus was two faced and that he sees the beginning and end of all things. In what looks like an attempt...

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Homily for the feast of the holy family

27.12.2019 in Sermons

We celebrate today with great joy the feast of the Holy family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph; the Church presents this family as a model for the families of the world rocked by crisis of all kinds. The Church presents this holy family not as...

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Christianity and seed sowing

04.12.2019 in Doctrines

The biblical understanding and usage of seed sowing has been rebranded and relaunched by many Christian leaders to further complicate the already confused understanding of Christianity among many African Christians. It is even more hurting realizing that many unsuspecting Christians trapped in this spiritual robbery...