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September 2019

The most beautiful woman

28.09.2019 in Mater Dei

Beauty may be a combination of stuff that stimulates the pleasure of the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. But her beauty surpasses what the ordinary eye alone can grasp to connect to Saint Paul’s walk in the spirit, for we walk by faith, not by...

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The power of inner healing

18.09.2019 in Doctrines

The news of the Lord’s return to Capernaum may have so hit the airwaves in the time of Jesus’ earthly ministry in such a manner that it attracted a titanic crowd to him, the mammoth crowd obviously left no option for those four caring friends...


The Bread of life in Genesis

02.09.2019 in Doctrines

There may be the attempt to pair the Old and the New Testaments to conclude which is more important, but such comparison is inconsequential because both are interlaced. However, the New Testament explains the intertwined nature of the bible (both the Old and the New...

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