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December 2017

Homily for the feast of the Holy Family, B.

30.12.2017 in Sermons

Today we celebrate the feast of the holy family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Today the Church presents this family as an example of a perfect family, an encouragement to so many families that may be facing some challenging situations at the moment. The holy family...

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Homily for the fourth Sunday of advent, year B

22.12.2017 in Sermons

We celebrate today the last Sunday before Christmas, and in fact, tomorrow is Christmas, the feast we have been preparing for. The Church offers us four Sundays to prepare for this feast; in the first two weeks, the Church calls us to prepare, for the...

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Looking beyond the vows

18.12.2017 in Augustinians

Both the male and female religious in the Catholic Church are known to live a vowed life, they vow to live a life of poverty, chastity and obedience. A vow by its very nature binds us to something, and in the case of the religious,...

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Homily for the third Sunday of advent, year A.

15.12.2017 in Sermons

Today is the third Sunday of advent, and it is traditionally called ‘gaudete’. The word ‘gaudate’ is a Latin word that translate the opening word for our entrance antiphon this morning; "rejoice". On this Sunday the Church calls her children to rejoice, to rejoice not...

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Celibacy in the Catholic priesthood

12.12.2017 in Doctrines

Seating before a medical consultant and talking as doctor and patient, she smiled and with all respect asked me a question that was completely outside why we were together; probably that was another way to make a patient relax. She asked me; what do you...

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Homily for the second Sunday of advent, year B

08.12.2017 in Sermons

This morning we hear the beginning or the opening of the gospel of Mark, it introduces the two great figures of the New Testament; John the Baptist and Jesus Christ the Lord. The angel Gabriel announced the coming of Jesus as a baby, the incarnation of...

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Homily for the first Sunday of advent, year B

01.12.2017 in Sermons

Today we begin the advent season, the season of preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ at Christmas. The word “advent” is from the Latin word “adventus”, meaning “coming”. Advent is a season of expectation, anticipation and a season of waiting in hope. In our first...

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