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October 2017

The Catholic Church is right!

30.10.2017 in Doctrines

For many none-Catholics, Catholic doctrine sounds so bizarre and hard to accept. But the acceptability is less a concern, what matters most is the truthfulness of the teaching. She teaches with authority from Christ, and through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit teaches somethings that...


Homily for the thirtieth Sunday, year A.

27.10.2017 in Sermons

In our gospel passage a week ago, the Pharisees and the Herodians tried to set Jesus up with a question about paying tax to Caesar, but Jesus knowing their minds escaped their trap. But that same day, the Sadducees came with their own trouble. They...

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The uniqueness of Catholicism!

25.10.2017 in Doctrines

The Catholic Church is not just the oldest but also the largest in the world, it is a Church many none Catholics do not really understand and so are tempted to criticise her mode of worship. This criticism sometimes make me wonder if some people...

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Homily for Twenty-ninth Sunday, year A

20.10.2017 in Sermons

In some of Jesus parables, he directly attacked the chief priests, the elders of the people, the scribes and the Pharisees. He condemned their attitude towards religion, their legalistic approach to the worship of God. They were the rejected guests in the parable of the...

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Homily for the Twenty-eight Sunday, year A

13.10.2017 in Sermons

I remember a few years ago I co-celebrated at the funeral of a dear one, and the scripture passage from the book of the prophet Isaiah we read this morning was the exact text of that day. On this mountain, the Lord of host will prepare...

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Homily for the Twenty-seventh Sunday, year A.

06.10.2017 in Sermons

Jesus said, listen to another parable, which means he has being speaking in parables. In our part of the world, we are very familiar with parables, we as Africans and particularly Nigerians are blessed with that. In many cases, very important messages are passed through parables...

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A call for re-dedication

01.10.2017 in Mater Dei

The Catholic Church in Nigeria joins every Nigerian to celebrate the nation's 57th independence anniversary. There may be no much to celebrate today, but our hopes must not be quenched. On this day, the Catholic Church in Nigeria specially prays and re-dedicate our Country Nigeria to the maternal intercessions...

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