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August 2017

Homily for the Twenty-first Sunday, year A.

25.08.2017 in Sermons

Whenever we read this passage of the scripture, theĀ passage that talks about Jesus and his apostles in the region of Caesarea Philippi, the first thing that comes to mind is the authority of St. Peter. When Jesus and his apostles came to this region, he...

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The Blessed Virgin Mary and the color blue

21.08.2017 in Mater Dei

I've had the opportunities to talk to people, especially to none Catholics about Catholic worship. Our liturgy has a lot of signs and symbols, and it is very important that you understand these signs and symbols to flow with us. Lack of proper understanding of...

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Homily for the Twentieth Sunday, year A.

18.08.2017 in Sermons

In our first reading this morning we heard the prophet Isaiah foretelling that the expected messianic kingdom is not exclusive, it is not a kingdom meant for the Jews alone but for all nations. It does not matter where you come from; your colour, race...

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The Catholic Church and contraception

14.08.2017 in Doctrines

The Catholic Church is often criticized for her firm position on some issues; this is true, and not an exaggeration to say that the world is always etching to know the stand of the Catholic Church. But this has not stopped the Church from proclaiming...

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Homily for the Nineteenth Sunday, year A.

11.08.2017 in Sermons

A week ago in our gospel passage, we read about the mountaintop experience, how the apostles saw the glory of God on theĀ  mountaintop. And today in our first reading, we see another kind of mountaintop experience. The prophet Elijah had defeated the prophets of Baal...

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The Catholic priesthood

07.08.2017 in Sacraments

The media recently reported the resignation of an ordained Catholic Priest who has served God faithfully through the priestly ministry for some good years. I cannot help but appreciate the services he rendered as a priest, especially for the souls he must have brought to...