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May 2017

Homily for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, A

26.05.2017 in Sermons

Few days ago we celebrated the ascension of Jesus Christ, he promised to send the advocate, the Holy Spirit. After Jesus was taken up to heaven, we see in our first reading this morning that the apostles together with the other women returned to Jerusalem...

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Homily for Sixth Sunday of Easter, A

19.05.2017 in Sermons

In our Creed we express our faith in God, maker of all things; visible and invisible. The visible is the material world while the invisible is the spirit world. God is Spirit, and in our first reading we see two spirits at work; the unclean...

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The Sacred Heart of Jesus; abyss of all virtues

15.05.2017 in Events

Two days ago I was invited by members of the Association of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary to talk to them about the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the abyss of all virtues. It was at St. Charles' Parish, Apapa, Lagos. Below...

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Homily for Fifth Sunday of Easter, A

12.05.2017 in Sermons

In our first reading this morning we see a drama we cannot overlook, a drama with both negative and positive interpretations. It happened when the number of the early Christians was increasing. There was a report of discrimination among the people; the Hellenists complained that...

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A Woman Like No Other.

08.05.2017 in Mater Dei

I am so much in love with this woman, an amazing Virgin and Mother. She is the pride of the Catholic Church, the queen of all hearts, the Mother of her own saviour, and the Mother of her own redeemer. She is Our Lady of Fatima,...

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Homily for fourth Sunday of Easter, A

05.05.2017 in Sermons

Today is the fourth Sunday of Easter, good shepherd Sunday and a day set aside by the Church to specially pray for vocation to the priesthood and the religious life; hence the name vocation Sunday. Jesus said he is the sheep gate, he is the way. He...

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