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August 2016

Mother and child

29.08.2016 in Augustinians, Mater Dei

The divine command to honour our our parents binds not only the children, I feel it has some binding force on the parents as well. This may be haevily subjective, but my feeling that one has to be honourable to be honoured is realy strong....


Homily for twenty-second Sunday C

26.08.2016 in Sermons

As a little boy I heard my father advised my elder sister to be mindful of those who wants to be her friends immediately she arrived a new place. He said, those early friendship seakers in most cases only wants to get what they want...

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Saint of the impossible

22.08.2016 in Augustinians

St. Rita of Cascia, the saint of the impossible cases is widely honoured in the Catholic Church and particularly among the Augustinians; she is my favorite and she is popularly called Mama Rita in Nigeria. There are so many things to be said about this Italian...

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Can a lay man distribute holy communion?

15.08.2016 in Sacraments

I have observed in some parishes just as you may have, that at Mass during the distribution of the Holy Communion where lay people are involved in the distribution, some communicants deliberately switch lines to avoid receiving the holy communion from the lay persons. Some...

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Looking back in the religious life

08.08.2016 in Augustinians

Living the religious life can be very interesting; it is sometimes very sweet and some other times frustrating, but that is life in general anyway. It is full of ups and down, but the journey must continue, he who endures to the end will surely...

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Homily for nineteenth Sunday C

05.08.2016 in Sermons

In our Christian journey there is need to constantly look back, to look back not like the one who puts his hand on the plow  to look back in fear and uncertainty (Lk. 9:62), but to look back in faith to remind himself of the...

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Carrying your Catholic faith

01.08.2016 in Doctrines

I remember telling a convert to Catholicism that our Catholic faith, the faith of our fathers is so deep. Once you know and understand it, you appreciate it more and stand the chance of never letting it go. We carry the faith wherever we go...