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March 2016

The Mystery of the Church

26.03.2016 in Doctrines

The Church is very human yet a great mystery, it is far more than what the ordinary eyes sees. One needs to activate the eyes of faith to see not only the visible nature of the Church but also her invisible reality. The Church is...

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The founder of the Catholic Church

14.03.2016 in Doctrines

It is a general believe that the Catholic Church is the mother Church, and this is the fact. All other denominations broke out from the Catholic Church directly or indirectly; the Catholic Church is the Church of Christ, the apostolic Church and the Church with...


Homily for fifth Sunday of Lent C

11.03.2016 in Sermons

We are almost at the heart of the Lenten season, the Passion Week, a week that reminds us of the pains it took Jesus to construct the road upon which the father wants us to travel. He reminds us in our first reading this morning...


Homily for fourth Sunday of Lent C

04.03.2016 in Sermons

The Lord said to Joshua, 'Today I have taken the shame of Egypt away from you. That shame of Egypt could be seen as whatever the Egyptians had turned the Israelites into. The Egyptians turned them into slaves, laughing stock, beggars, homeless and people of no...

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