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November 2015

Virgin Mary Co-Mediatrix

30.11.2015 in Mater Dei

The Catholic Church has so many tittles for the most beautiful and wonderful woman God ever created, the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am so proud of these titles, even though we cannot give her enough. One of the titles is "Co-Mediatrix." This particular title sounds...


The death and Assumption of Mary

23.11.2015 in Mater Dei

Many things that have to do with the Blessed Virgin Mary are controversial to many of our none Catholic brothers and sisters, even some very few Catholics get confused some times. The Catholic Church is not guided by the spirit of confusion but by the...


The Church and the use of incense

16.11.2015 in Sacraments

Certain things about our way of worship in the Catholic Church appears so amazing, yet some none Catholics and even some few Catholics have no idea of how to explain or defend it in case they are asked, the use of incense in our liturgy...


Solemn Profession of Vows 2015

14.11.2015 in Augustinians

The growth in the Augustinian province of  St. Augustine of Nigeria in the last few years is unprecedented; we have continued to enjoy and celebrate the abundance of harvest by the grace of God. We cannot but thank God for directing the work of our...


The Church and same-sex marriage

09.11.2015 in Sacraments

Some of my parishioners have asked me severally if the Catholic Church has accepted same-sex marriage. When they asked this question, I listened not only to the words of their mouth but also the meditations of their heart. Yes; don't misunderstand me, I am not...


The Church, Sabbath and Sunday

02.11.2015 in Doctrines

Some Christians have questioned the observance of Sunday as the holy day to rest instead of Saturday (Sabbath) as God commanded. Their concern is actually not out of place, they have very good reasons to ask. Truly, God gave the command to keep the...