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September 2015

The Catholic Church and tithing

29.09.2015 in Doctrines

Tithing is actually not an official teaching of the Catholic Church, it was never emphasized especially in the Church of Nigeria until recently. Also, the Church never officially condemned tithing, It was probably not emphasized because of the structure and the traditional ways of doing...

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The queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

24.09.2015 in Mater Dei

One of the titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary is "queen of heaven". The Catholic Church proudly calls her the queen of heaven despite the contrary arguments and personal opinions flying around. The place of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church is uncontestable;...


Message for World Mission Sunday 2015

21.09.2015 in Events

The Catholic Church decided some years ago to be reminding herself of the need to constantly renew her commitments to evangelize the world. The world mission Sunday which is celebrated in October every year is the day set aside by the Church for this remembrance,...

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An Augustinian house

14.09.2015 in Augustinians

A house for the Augustinians is far more than just a building made to live in, yes; laying bricks on top of each other with a roof on top does not defined what a house means to us as Augustinians. The brothers or the...


The Virgin Mary in the Koran

07.09.2015 in Mater Dei

The Catholic doctrines on the Blessed Virgin Mary often make our none Catholic Christian brothers and sisters very uncomfortable. They disagree with so many things we as Catholics say about our wonderful mother, Mary. More surprising is the reaction of some very few misguided Catholics...

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