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August 2015

Holydays of obligation

31.08.2015 in Doctrines

The Catholic Church is a very traditional Church whose actions, teachings and worship are guided by the holy bible, the code of canon law and some other official documents of the Church. These other documents of the Church are not superior to the bible neither...

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Parish Family Carnival

30.08.2015 in Events

As part of ourĀ  parish preparation for the celebration of the yearly harvest thanksgiving, the parish organized a family carnival today (August 30) to bring every family in the parish together in celebration. The family remains vital to the Church, it is the first place...


The feast of St. Augustine

28.08.2015 in Augustinians, Events

The 28 day of August will ever remain a joyous one in the life of the Order of St. Augustine, it is the birthday of our holy father Augustine into heaven. The Church celebrates the feast of a saint on the day he or she...


The Sacrament of matrimony

24.08.2015 in Sacraments

Marriage in all cultures is a common practice, I am yet to see or hear about any culture where marriage is forbidden. Marriage is a natural institution instituted by God from the very beginning, it is the union of a man and a wife. Then...


National pilgrimage of the Pious Union

23.08.2015 in Augustinians, Events

The Pious Union of St. Rita of Cascia in the province of St. Augustine of Nigeria celebrated her national feast and pilgrimage at Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, South East of Nigeria. It was a three days celebration; 21 to 23 August, 2015. The Catholic bishop of...


The Catholic Church

20.08.2015 in Doctrines

The Catholic Church, the holy mother Church is built on a rock that cannot be shaken. A Church built on the faith of the apostles, hence the name, Apostolic Church. This Church attracts so much attention, everybody wants to know what is happening in...


Provincial Retreat

14.08.2015 in Augustinians

The Augustinians of the Province of St. Augustine of Nigeria came together in Jos for a retreat with the theme; rediscovering our Augustinian identity. It was also an opportunity for us to come together in celebration of the year of consecrated life. Arrival was on...


Homily for twentieth Sunday B

14.08.2015 in Sermons

For the past few Sundays, our gospel readings have been reflecting the Eucharistic celebration, the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Today, it is also about the body and blood of Jesus Christ, and next Sunday it continues. The liturgical arrangement of the gospel passages...

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Our educational apostolate

10.08.2015 in Augustinians

The Order of St. Augustine in the Catholic Church is traditionally interested in the educational apostolate, this should not surprise anyone because our holy father, St. Augustine was an intellectual and a teacher. In the spirit of St. Augustine, we the Augustinians serve the Church...


Homily for Nineteenth Sunday B

07.08.2015 in Sermons

The prophet Elijah was a powerful man of God, a powerful instrument of war in the hands of God. He challenged powers and authorities and brought them to their knees with the help of God, and to describe how powerful God is, we call him...

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The Catholic Pontiffs.

03.08.2015 in Doctrines

The Catholic Church is blessed with so much heritage and tradition. I am particularly impressed with the Church's sense of documentation. I therefore proudly present to you the 266 Catholic Pontiffs, beginning from St. Peter to the present Pope. God bless the Catholic Church. 1. St....

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