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January 2015

The installation of bishop Donatus

31.01.2015 in Events

The Augustinian family and in particular the province of St. Augustine of Nigeria greatly thank God and rejoice with our brother, bishop Donatus Ogun O.S.A., the newly installed bishop of Uromi diocese. He was installed today as the bishop of Uromi diocese; in attendance were...

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Bishop James is buried

29.01.2015 in Events

The late bishop James Daman O.S.A. was buried today. Bishops and Priests together with the lay faithful gathered to offer Mass for the repose of his Soul. May God grant him eternal rest, amen....

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The mysteries of the Rosary : part 2

28.01.2015 in Mater Dei

THE FIVE MYSTERIES OF LIGHT: In part 1, we looked at the five joyful mysteries; in part 2, we shall reflect together on the mysteries of light. The five mysteries of Light highlights the life and ministry of Jesus; it is an exposition of the...

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The wonders of God in nature

25.01.2015 in Events

Have you ever tried to see the hands of God at work in nature? Have you seen his beauty displayed in nature? Its wonderful! My Nigerian Augustinian brother priest working and schooling in Chicago, U.S.A.; Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Thliza O.S.A, has this to say about the...

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The mysteries of the Rosary: part 1

24.01.2015 in Mater Dei

Looking at the mysteries of the Rosary closely, you would observe that they are more of Jesus than Mary. Though I have no problem even if they are more of Mary because she deserves all the honour, that is why we Catholics honour her with...

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The late bishop James O.S.A.

23.01.2015 in Events

The prior Provincial of the Augustinian Province of St. Augustine of Nigeria, directed all Augustinian Communities in Nigeria to offer Mass for the Soul of the late bishop James Daman O.S.A, who died on the 12th of January, 2015. The late bishop until death was the bishop...

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The faith of the Catholic church

16.01.2015 in Doctrines

A few years back, I officiated at a wedding ceremony between a Catholic and a none Catholic; a mixed marriage. Obviously you know what the congregation would be like, it was mixed, Catholics and none Catholics. It appeared to be like an answer to the...


The year of consecrated life

15.01.2015 in Events

Our holy Father, Pope Francis has declared this year as the year of the consecrated life. The year as declared by the Pope started on the 30th of November 2014 to February 2nd, 2016. This is the year we as Catholics are to specially appreciate...

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God in Las Vagas

14.01.2015 in Events

The name Las Vegas attracts negative reactions from most people, it is a city of sin for them. But my brother Priest celebrated the Christmas and the New Year in this city and he said;  "In as much as it is a nice place for holidays and...

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How I pray the Rosary

14.01.2015 in Mater Dei

Often times I hear some Catholics say they pray the Rosary within 15 munities, I wonder how? You may agree that it is possible; yes, it is very possible but it depends on how you pray it. Remember it is a prayer, and prayer is...

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Our devotion to the blessed virgin Mary

14.01.2015 in Mater Dei

Our devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary occupies a very special place in the Catholic tradition. For none Catholics this devotion is controversial but for us Catholics, it is special. Before I explain the Catholic doctrine and practice regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary, let me state...

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The holy Rosary

12.01.2015 in Mater Dei

 The holy Rosary is a form of devotion in the holy Catholic Church, it is a devotion that is held in high esteem. Some persons question the relevance of this devotion while some others sees it as a form of idolatry; but for us Catholics,...

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Homily for the baptism of the Lord

11.01.2015 in Sermons

Today we celebrate the baptism of the Lord and today's celebration marks the end of the Christmas season. Tomorrow we begin the ordinary season of the year. Baptism is a sacrament that washes away original sin and makes us children of God. It is a sacrament...

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03.01.2015 in Sacraments

All you need to know about the sacraments and how Jesus blessed and nourishes his people through it....

Ordination! Ordination!!

01.01.2015 in Events

We, the Augustinian Family in Nigeria (The Province of St. Augustine of Nigeria) thank God and congratulate our five Augustinian brothers and a diocesan of the diocese of Bauchi who were  ordained deacons on the 28 of December, 2014. They were ordained by bishop Malachy...

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Christmas Homily: Mass at dawn

01.01.2015 in Sermons

Happy Christmas to you all! It is another Christmas, Alleluia! The Lord brings us to this season once again and to the end of the year, to him be glory and praise. At Christmas we commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is a...

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